Figures Suggest Valve Are Better Than Blizzard writes: With Diablo 3 and Max Payne 3 releasing around the same time, I noticed a number of other writers debating whether Rockstar or Blizzard were the most consistent developer in recent years. While I certainly cannot argue that both studios have reached new heights in recent times, with my feelings that Rockstar have already hit their peak, one other studio came to mind as a major contender - Valve.

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Uncharted2Vet2278d ago

my Figures: i could care less for either tbh

GrumpyVeteran2278d ago

To possibly care less is to imply that some care exists.

decrypt2278d ago

Both are really good, though i find Blizzard going casual. Valve is amazing, personally i cant wait for Dota 2.

Jreca2278d ago

Companies can be rated for their sales, but not games. Sales and quality of the game are not totally related, as everyone can pick examples of that.

reznik_zerosum2278d ago

how to show people who never played games what is all about - valve games

ninjahunter2278d ago

I actually had this discussion with someone, I said valve, not because their games are better, but because blizzard is obtaining an increasingly bad business model. I still love both of them to death, I just think valve is the better company. (DAMN YOU ACTIVISION!)

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