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GR writes: "The moment I booted up Diablo III on my computer I could tell two things: It was another polished game by Blizzard Entertainment, and I had a new addiction on my hands. After spending over 30 hours slaying demonic beasts, gearing up my heroes, and clearing dungeons with friends, I can safely say that my intuition was correct."

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JonnyBigBoss2197d ago

This is such a fun game to play. I can't wait until Blizzard adds more content such as the RMAH and PvP. The endgame could use a little more content to keep it lively but the trip there is fantastic!

LostTokens2197d ago

I wanna play this SO BAD. All I can afford is my already-purchased Torchlight... *le sigh*

MWH2197d ago (Edited 2197d ago )

who's the face? the new look of the Lord of Terror? i'm terrified..mortified.. petrified.. by you.

insertcoin2197d ago

Haven't spent any really money in the auction house. Not sure if I should really start...

NeoTribe2197d ago

Yeah me either. I seen a sword for 2500 bucks with ten bids lol. Crazy stuff. Hope I find somethin worth some fat cash like that.