Persona 4 novelisation discovered

Player Attack: Persona 4 is slowly, but surely, taking over the entire world, with a novel series announced as a spin-off to the PS2 game. Since the game's original launch, we've seen the game inspiring both anime and manga, a fighting game, and there's even a new (portable) remake in the works.
But all excitement today is focussed on the new literary venture - Persona 4 x Detective Naoto - set a year after the events of the original game.

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Snookies122250d ago

Well I mean... Persona 4 was pretty freaking amazing... Sorry, I meant REALLY freaking amazing...

MacDonagh2250d ago

Persona 4 was certainly one of the more surprising JRPGs that I've played in recent memory that has a great plot and a great sense for comedy. People should go and buy it immediately if they haven't already.