What Difference Does RGB Full Make?

It's been mentioned before in discussions but never has a comparison been actually made to show the difference it has. Here is an image showing the differences on simply the XMB.

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Meus Renaissance3988d ago

The colours become richer and more vibrant, and because of that, you can enjoy the true visuals behind the games. So it makes a great difference.

JsonHenry3988d ago

It does give the picture more "oommphh", doesn't it? Too bad the same thing does not work for textures. : (

Kleptic3988d ago (Edited 3988d ago )

@above?...what?...its the textures that become more crisp..

look at the textures on ryu's mask/helmet...with full RGB you can easily see how much more depth there is to the texture well as contrast in color...same with the hilt of the sword...thats the "textures" looking "better"...

without RGB full activated, the depth is lost...and everything looks noticably smudgy and less colorfull...

whatever you are getting at made absolutely zero sense...all you see in a video game is color organized in a way that it looks like "something"...having the RGB full setting activated directly addresses what makes textures on the PS3 appear "muddy"...

if the 360 had the same setting...the textures in both games would appear almost identical...assuming they used the same textures between each game...and in almost any multiplatform game, that is pretty much exactly what they do...

this had already been shown though...some reviewers commented with AC that if the PS3 has RGB full on, it actually has more contrast to the lighting than the 360 version (which went directly against GTs video was just GT never commented on it until today)...that video is on this site by the way...


honestly speaking , i didnt know what that was but i do see it in my setting but i cant tell the difference if its on or off . connecting HDMI to sony bravia

InMyOpinion3988d ago (Edited 3988d ago )

The textures do look a lot sharper. It reminds me of the picture settings in Gears of War(and a few other games), if you witch it to 'vibrant' the game looks twice as good as on 'default.

I think GT should use the best settings available on both consoles when they do their comparisons. One thing still confuses me. Why on earth did Sony not make 'Full RGB' the default setting?!

*edit* I read some comments below that say that not all TV sets support the 'Full RGB' setting. They need to have HDMI, and not all HDMI ports are good enough either. In that case I don't think GT should use it. They should only use settings that don't depend on what TV you own.

@below - Oh, ok. This subject is making me dizzy =) I'm out lol!

hazeblaze3988d ago

All t.v.'s with hdmi do support full rgb. But there are some older/smaller hdtv's that do not support hdmi. However, most of us with hdtv's do have access to hdmi on our t.v.'s.

solidt123988d ago

THE COLORS DO LOOK WAY BETTER. I just turned it on and I see a big difference. This must be why some says that PS3 versions of some multi-platorm games looked washed, but to me it doesn't.

Kleptic3988d ago

@ hazeblaze...

no...not all HDMI equipped tv's support Full RGB color range...its pretty common on any new HDTV, but there are some 4-5 year old HDMI equipped televisions that do not support it at all...

on a tv that doesn't support it, you will get over amplified shades of red...some claim it to make a strange pink contrast over everything...depending on the tv, some may be overly bright, or overly dark...the picture is still just looks like someone set the color correction and contrast all wrong...and adjusting the tv settings will usually just make it worse...

that is why limited is the default setting on the PS3...the 360 must automatically adjust that setting if it figures out that the attatched television doesn't support it...or you just have to manually turn it to limited...

TruthBTold3988d ago

I did the change on my PS3 when I started playing AC and then found the article about changing your settings and mannn was it different, the details look sharper, colors look stronger and the lighting looks more clear. It is very noticeable kind of like when you switch from component cables to HDMI.

AdamBombastic3988d ago (Edited 3988d ago )

I attached a test pattern just to help us PS3 guys out. I have a 42" Ph9uk Panasonic plasma which I run HDMI to my PS3. If I set my PS3 to RGB full and adjust my brightness to barely show 4% above video black, it completely crushes all the whites. If I set it to limited under the same scenario, the whites are progressively whiter to the whitest white. Damn, thats alot of whites in one sentence. For my display, clearly limited is the best. Hope this test pattern helps you guys out.

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Marceles3988d ago

That bottom pic pwns. I loved when they added that on the FW update, I noticed a difference from day 1.

TooL 3163988d ago

i use it, i think every ps3 owner take advantage of it, just goes to show you how big of a douche bag the people over at GT are.

sticky doja3988d ago

I just don't understand why Sony didn't make it the default setting instead of making you turn it on.

rawd3988d ago

@sticky doja

Your panel has to support it or else it wont do jack

Marceles3988d ago

Because it wasn't an option at launch and added on a FW update later, and also you need an HDMI connection to use it.

Kleptic3988d ago (Edited 3988d ago )

yeah its a feature that only newer televisions have in the first well as the superwhite option...

older HDMI equipped tv's don't react to this...they look the same with don't think that this will make a ps3 (or 360 game) look any better on every single HDMI equipped television...

but whatever capture device GT uses does support it...and they deemed it necessary to allow it activated on one system...and not the other...because it is not the default setting on the PS3, they left it out...which immediately throws all credibility right out the window...

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rawd3988d ago

I use it, to my 52xbr4. It's a visual orgasm