Diablo 3 - My Gateway Drug To WoW

Blizzard have been making quality games for well over a decade now. When Warcraft II launched back in 1995, I wasn't really hooked on the magic and fantasy elements that came with Orcs and Humans. As a game however, even at the young age of 8 I was able to see a significant difference in terms of "polish" between my favourite RTS at the time Command & Conquer.

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Thatguyinthesuit2277d ago

Is it strange that I've never been interested in WoW, Starcraft or Diablo ever.

I mean the non-MMORPG Warcraft I enjoyed but I don't know I just feel so alone in the fact that I've never enjoyed WoW, Starcraft or Diablo.

synchroscheme2277d ago

Not strange at all. I'm in the same boat as you in the sense that I've never played any of these titles and don't ever plan to. I did play some starcraft as a kid, but these days these games are just not my cup of tea and I find nothing wrong with that. :)