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BT writes: With it being almost nine years since the last Max Payne, many gamers were wondering why Rockstar was picking up the franchise. After all, no one was clamoring for another sequel and Max had a solid enough conclusion that it didn’t have to be continued. On the other hand, Rockstar’s summer releases for the past two years have been critically acclaimed and they were backing this new game with all of their resources, so it could very well have been a new classic. So, does this game prove that we need a new Max Payne game? Short Answer: No. Does this game at least provide a satisfying shooter experience? Well, the long answer to that question and the previous one will be after the jump but for now, with the strongest shrug of my shoulders, all I can say is… “Meh.”

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egidem2316d ago

It had to happen. There had to be some review of the website that does anything but give the game a high score, it was just a matter of time.

bacrec12316d ago

Yeah, my thoughts exactly.

kmanmx2316d ago

Always has to be some lame low life site every time a AAA game comes out that gives it a crap review to be controversial and get hits.

Its pathetic.

Awesome_Gamer2316d ago

Shitty site with a shitty review..

AusRogo2316d ago Show
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The story is too old to be commented.