Will the Release of Minecraft Kill the XBLIG Channel?

Although the release of Minecraft technically has little to do with Microsoft's often maligned attempt to show independent developers some love, it could spell the end of days for the already much criticized Xbox Live Indie Games (XBLIG) channel.

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Jourdy2882250d ago

If the XBLIG is dependent on blatant clones, then it needs to die. If it really is a safe haven for indie devs to spread their wings and innovate, then it won't die from this. If anything, it should open more people to indie.

MacDonagh2250d ago

It really irks me to see Minecraft clones in the top download list of XBLA games, considering that there are some real quality games in there.

humbleopinion2250d ago

Actually, I'm kind of hoping that after the release of Minecraft the indie channel will move to newer and fresher ideas.
At first we've seen stupid apps flood the place, then avatar games, then zombie shooters, and then minecraft clones. It's time for a new trend.