Dragon Ball Zenkai Battle Royal Update Announced

Andriasang: "The V Jump reveal for a "Dragon Ball Sparking Omega" game we reported on last week appears to have been fake. But there is a new Dragon Ball game in this month's V Jump."

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GraveLord2282d ago

They should just stop with these DBZ games.
At least wait until next-gen.

Snookies122282d ago

I don't think they should stop. I really really want an AMAZING DBZ game. It would make me very happy. Though they do need to take a step back and actually work as hard as they can to make it an amazing game instead of doing the same type of game over and over.

Flesh out the fighting mechanics, have characters that are different in the way they fight. Don't have a lot of useless characters just taking up space that hardly anyone will use. Make some REALLY flashy moves that have some cinematic quality to them. Follow the storyline of the series up until the Buu saga or something. Have Story mode with anime-style going on, and we're all good.

WeskerChildReborned2282d ago

Budokai Tenkaichi 4 need's to be made.

Uncharted2Vet2282d ago

@WeskerChildReborned Correction Budokai 4 needs to be made

chidesd2282d ago

AMEN^^^^^^^^^^^ Budokai 4 FtW