Xbox Entertainment Evolved: What It Means For Microsoft’s E3 2012 Conference

It’s that time of year again, the time of year when all gamer’s get excited for whats going to be shown at E3. I think it would be easy for people to pick on Microsoft because they have fully supported Kinect the past couple of years, they are also clearly pushing for the Xbox 360 to be the de facto choice when it comes to entertainment in people’s living rooms. I think getting the jump on Google and Apple for living room dominance is more important to Microsoft at this point than trying to lure in a few more hardcore gamer’s with a ton of gaming announcements. What can we expect to see from Microsoft newly dubbed Entertainment Evolved conference?

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AngelicIceDiamond2318d ago

Nobody really knows what MS is up too, All I know is MS they...they have to bring new games to show off,or at least there new rumored Ip (And I cant stress that enough). So far its rumored MS is having all there new games being made for the next Xbox. That's sad because we need these games now. MS will more than likely be showing multiplatform titles and exclusive content, like usual. I missed when MS wowed us at E3.

BitbyDeath2318d ago (Edited 2318d ago )

MS's 3 studios already have announced projects

343 - Halo
Turn 10 - Forza
Lionhead - Fable

There really isn't much more they can announce (outside of Kinect games) unless it comes from a 3rd party dev like Epic.

MS needs to buy/create more devs

EVILDEAD3602318d ago (Edited 2317d ago )

Micrsoft's E3 presentations have proved that winning the online E3 popularity contest never mattered, but having the most IMPACT offline with new consumers and your current install basedoes. Arguably Micrsoft has had the most impact of any of the system post E3 in the last two years. But, now they literally got the stiffest comp ever in that regard.

I've always gone on record saying that Micrsoft HAS to show 720. But, something interesting happened that even I didn't predict, there is Zero need to beat Wii-U and nothing on the market still makes Kinect irrelavant.

With Bioshock:Infinite as a no-show and GTA 5 likely showing up next year that simply leaves the Big Two (H4 & COD:BO2) November back to back releases DOMINATING the holiday.

Halo 4: Arguably the best development team ever assembled + the biggest exclusive hardcore franchise this gen = EPIC day at retail

Black Ops 2: The biggest selling title period on both the PS3 and MS. But, XBox Live and the 10 year DLC contract pushes hardware sales for the 360.

Forza Horizons - Just like Halo..the team is the big news..this team is a mixture of Bizarre Creations and Black Rock Studios. Game could be a sleeper.

Kinect may be the biggest draw this holiday yet..

MS has it's best case for the peripheral yet as no other console still can do what Kinect can in certain genres.

Fable: The Journey can be a sleeper and a huge seller for Kinect. They NEED a better demonstration than what was shown at last year's E3.

Steel Batallion, Crimson Dragon, etc. could also carry the hardcore mantra.

Madden 13 and Fifa 13 could be HUGE for Kinect this year if EA pulls it off.

Micrsoft actually has a unique chance to dominate the casuals this holiday if they show the masses that Kinect is the go-to device for the biggest selling casual franchises and genres.

The Dancing genre CANT be done better than Kinect. The One Two punch of Dance Central 3 & Just Dance 4 could be huge.

The biggest selling Kinect franchise and IMO the BEST is Kinect Sports..If MS comes to the stage with Kinect Sports: Summer Olympics they actually may have a Kinect game that sells in the slow summer months.

Fitness..The rumors are MS are coming up with some all-inclusive fitness tracking for Kinect. Either way, Zumba is what is selling Wiis. Pushing this and actually promoting Fitness Evolved 3 or could be give Kinect some Wii-Fit type love as it is the perfect device for the genre.

XBLA..The author is right..Summer of Arcade is always a fun draw. But what would make Summer of arcade literally EPIC is if Shadow Complex 2 shows up on stage.

We all know that MS will always be aiming to improve the XBOX LIve experience and I can't imagine MS forgoing Skype.

What will be the sleeper is if MS will really unveil a Kinect controlled Windows 8 browser.

The cheaper Kinect bundle and price cut may not even show it's face until the gholiday.

Again if MS wanted to GUARANTEE and Epic E3..just simply show a video of Xbox 720 at the end and watch how crazy the buzz for the show will be.

But as it is..Wii-U cant touch Xbox Live and if Wii-motes are still being used then Kinect still will be huge this holiday. Wii-U will still do great this holiday.

Sony will have amazing games this E3 and a price cut will do wonders for it. But none of that will effect Halo 4's success or even impact Kinect's draw for the casual.

So my take is every one of the Big 3 will have a huge E3 at the end of the day.

Just my humble take..good article as well..


SignifiedSix2318d ago

They're going to announce their deep dark secret. "everyone, take a look at... The "insert name here" console!" xD

A man could only dream lol

cedaridge2318d ago

As a GAMER i will support the NEW Halo game but other than that. there nothing else on xb360 dat interest me. Everything else can be played on ps3 with the same experience. I hope microsoft come wit it at E3. i'm just about Done with my xb360 for this cycle.