Haze had the Makings of Greatness ...

Jack Patton of Bagogames: So, who remembers Haze? It's only one syllable, but it was the single greatest disappoint on the PS3 before Socom 4 trundled in. It was a disaster, but thanks to abundantly undeserved amounts of hype the game sold modestly well for an exclusive on a console that was only out for over a year and a half. Developed by Free Radical, the creators of the amazing Time Splitters series, Haze was dubbed as answer to Microsoft's stellar Halo franchise. I never bought into the hype, not even for a second, but somehow a lot of people did.

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liberator232161d ago

I agree with this completely, it's sad that games like this end up with reputations for being so bad, especially when the developer is so good. Hopefully they learn from their mistakes for future titles.

Bagogames2161d ago

Since they all got the can after it was made they freaking better lol.

Wenis2161d ago

From what I've read, the reason why Haze turned out so bad was due to Ubisoft and not Free Radical.

PirateThom2161d ago

Yeah, there was a really good article about Free Radical on here a while ago and publishers were basically screwing them over, both trying to control the output and unreasonable demands.

humbleopinion2161d ago (Edited 2161d ago )

The two main reasons from that interview (which was an amazing read) where:
1) Ubisoft didn't give them the time they asked for, but the game was still delayed eventually - only without a proper schedule set for it.
2) The exclusivity deal Sony paid for forced the studio to switch development to the PS3 - which was still a new and unfamiliar console at the time, all while the game engine itself was first and foremost developed for the PC and X360 for quite some time.

egidem2161d ago

Wait...I remember Haze!

First saw the trailer at E3 2008 (I think) then later on there was a multiplayer demo/beta, which was OK, that was released shortly before launch.

If I'm not mistaken, it was anticipated as the Halo killer...whatever happened to Haze??

Rediculamal2161d ago

It just, well, died. A couple of hundred thousand people bought it, realised it was terrible, and then nobody mentioned it again. Can't really blame them I suppose ...

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Gigawatt252161d ago

It was a decent game. The Nectar use was pretty cool.

pandaboy2161d ago

I loved the game, you just shouldn't take the game seriously in order to enjoy it. Possibly my favourite shooter this gen after killzone2.

typikal822161d ago

It had great concepts, the story just went off the tracks late in the game and the production was definitely rushed.

I hope they put the main Haze character in PlayStation AllStars, that would be awesome

coolbeans2161d ago (Edited 2161d ago )

Despite all of the poor review scores, I went ahead and bought Haze for $5 a few months back. To those who purchased this title Day 1: You have my deepest condolences.

Bagogames2161d ago

I bought mine originally for £17.99, three weeks after launch. (In those days flops dropped THAT fast.)

I can't help but remember those cool little moments when I imagined all the good things you could do in the game if they were applied to a good game. In those days the only game that came to mind was Halo, now it's Crysis. A Crysis inspired Haze sequel would be the dog's bollocks.

coolbeans2161d ago (Edited 2161d ago )

There's dozens of recent FPS entries that I think are bad or average (just look at some of reviews), yet I would still keep an eye on their progress for their interesting nuances. I think Haze is horrible, but that doesn't mean I'll instantly turn a blind eye to a sequel announcement.

Bagogames2161d ago

Every game has potential. Just some show it more than others. In Haze's case it was obvious that there could have been something really worth remembering in there, but they just didn't seem to do what we hoped they would. It was utter disaster of a game, but it did make me think that a sequel could have been so much better.

A bit like Homefront, which is getting a sequel by the people who made Haze...

Oh dear.

Raoh2161d ago

I liked it, the sony hate and the halo killer label really hurt it.

GrandTheftZamboni2161d ago

... and the fact that they ditched 360 version.

To me it looked like they ran out of funding before the final polish.

PirateThom2161d ago (Edited 2161d ago )

Again, according to the article on, possibly, Eurogamer, the game never even ran properly on PS3, but Ubisoft promised it as an exclusive. The 360 version was there, but it was wasted work as it never got released.

InTheLab2161d ago

Every Sony shooter gets compared to Halo and is labeled a Halo Killer. It's like the Madden curse but with Sony shooters instead of overrated athletes...

Bagogames2161d ago

True, but in Haze's case it really was given the poster boy treatment which made it's flop all the more embarrassing. It wasn't until Too Human came out on the 360 that it was really forgiven, since the Xbox community then got it's first real taste of bitter grapes.

SuperBeast8112161d ago

I'd say Perfect Dark Zero fit that role waaaay B4 Too Human

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