Omega Five Review: Gamer 2.0 says 8.2/10

While a short affair, it seems Omega Five is a game that's worth the 800 MS Points because of its challenge and solid replay value.

From Gamer 2.0's Review: "Omega Five is basically a classic shoot 'em up game in the vein of R-Type or Gradius, but it features high-definition graphics, that familiar dual-analog 2D shooting that's been all the rage on Xbox Live Arcade, and a mercifully nonexistent storyline. Like any great shoot 'em up, success in Omega Five demands a mix of quick reflexes, coordination, and a healthy dose of pattern memorization. There's rarely a dull moment, the safe spots on the screen are often few, far between, and hard to recognize, so it can be overwhelming at first. However, a lot of elements like Ruby's ability to rebound laser beams through half the screen, or Tempest's power to absorb and deflect enemy bullets at will, work in the player's favor.

Anyone who hasn't spent a lot of time with shoot 'em ups will find Omega Five difficult simply because the levels are well-designed, and well-designed shoot 'em ups are pretty much hard by definition. Still, with the options to go back and practice levels individually after they've been beaten, and to view game replays from actual Xbox Live Arcade users and see how to tackle tough scenarios, it's one of the more accommodating games in the genre."

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