First Look at Next Tales of

Gematsu: "Famitsu has posted online its interview with Tales series producer Hideo Baba, which first appeared in the latest issue of Weekly Famitsu (we translated the entire interview here), and alongside it, the first direct-feed artwork of Next Tales of, providing us our first official look at the upcoming game."

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ksense2071d ago

damn those look amazing. could be a ps3 and possible wii u title looking at those graphics.

Lavalamp2071d ago

Those aren't graphics, those are artworks, which aren't indicative of a game's platform.

ZeroX98762070d ago (Edited 2070d ago )

isn`t all the tales of games that they showed PS3 games?

I Know graces, vesperia, symphonia was on other consoles, but hey were all ported to PS3. Tales of hearts, tales of innocence was not there and others to name a few (and they were mothership titles also) since they weren`t on PS3.

Disccordia2070d ago

I'm sure I read earlier this week that the next game in the series would be for next gen consoles - so for them to be discussing the early stages so openly is interesting...

Hicken2070d ago

Looks nice. Seems to have a more futuristic tone than the games I've played so far.

Jikla2070d ago

looks great! I hope xillia gets a American and European release soon as well.

Cryptcuzz2070d ago

I want Xillia and Vesperia for American and European release soon as well Jikla! Don't think, make it happen Namco!

DarkZane2070d ago

You should definitely forget about Vesperia at this point, it's not gonna happen. Xillia could still happen, but the way they talk about it, the game is rushed and missing lots of usual content that is in other games, so I hope they release a Director cut before releasing it here or simply skip it for the next one or Tales of Innocence R.