Spoiled Gamers? Does Anyone Have the Right to Demand Someone Change Their Art?

GNT writes: "Mass Effect 3. I haven’t played it, I didn’t like the first one that much, and skipped 2 entirely, so I haven’t played the third. Maybe I’m not the best person to comment on the whole controversy, but, I’m going to offer up some of my views on the subject as a whole."

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dc12279d ago


"I haven't Played it"
"I didn’t like the first one that much, and skipped 2 entirely"
"..I haven’t played the third"

So let me summarize:
Because you are not invested (nor a follower of Bioware boards or hung on every pre-release reference to the ME3 title directly from Bioware personal (most of us have), you really do not understand the primary argument from the majority of Bioware's Mass Effect consumers.
Thus, you 'just' may not be qualified to "offer up some views" on this topic.

Here's a hint. Bioware isn't capitulating to spoiled gamers.

Lastly, I have not read the opinion piece, nor will I knock the author or the site (because I have not hit the link to read the article); however, I do welcome the author to share his thoughts on N4G regarding why I should.
- The title does not do you any justice .

peace and love
And hold the line!

Drazz2279d ago

They shouldn't make promises they had no intentions on keeping..

humbleopinion2279d ago

Hey, didn't you just steal that sentence from Cortana ;)

Don't make a girl a promise... If you know you can't keep it.

byeGollum2279d ago

Developers should be able to make their games however they want to. It's okay to criticize, but to alter their game for us gamers? I disagree with that.

exsturminator012279d ago

"It's art, they shouldn't have to change it." Well, you're right, they don't HAVE to. We have no legal right to demand any changes, nor do they have any moral obligation to fulfill our expectations. Artist have the right to create whatever they want and call it art, but the public has the right to criticize and refuse to patron any art they think is bad. Bioware's fans bought the game, said "we hate this art and want you to do something different," and Bioware said, "Okay, we want you to keep paying us to make games, so we'll try something else." Simple as that. Players talked with their money, as is their right, and Bioware decided to change their art, as is the artist's right when his patron thinks his work stinks and won't pay him for any more "art." Should Bioware have stuck to their guns? Well that's a WHOLE other argument, and at that point its their fault for bending to criticism, not the consumers fault for asking for change.

Zha1tan2279d ago

Well if that were true that would completely defeat the point of EA ever getting involved with game development and thus the preceeding situation.

CommonSense2279d ago (Edited 2279d ago )

ME3's ending was fine and people are idiots for complaining about it. The entire third game reflected your decision in the previous games. people just love complaining. that's the result of raising a couple generations of entitled do-nothings.

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