The best collector's edition gaming bundles: Feature

The collector's edition was once reserved for only the most iconic, important and illustrious video game franchises, adding extra value and additional prestige to a select few fan favorites. These days, however, every franchise with triple-A aspirations has some form of limited-edition swag bag, with art books, soundtrack CDs and in-game unlockables making up the majority of bonus booty.

This week alone saw the unveiling of a pair of Borderlands 2 special edition box sets, as well as the Halo 4: Limited Edition bundle, which features maps, character enhancements and live-action movies.

With these still fresh in our mind, Digital Spy lists some of the more impressive and outrageous collector's editions of recent memory.

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raytraceme2253d ago

I love how they don't mention the Crysis 2 Nano Edition. That thing was super rare and Sold for hundreds on ebay.

topgun332253d ago

You also forgot the Block Ops Prestige edition, with the remote control car with working camera, and block ops medal. The Gears of War 3 legendary edition with the Marcus Fenix hand painted statue, and replica cog.

Kopite_20202253d ago

Just read an article on the 10 worst collectors editions, several were mentioned in here, hmmmm