Max Payne 3 for PC to ship on four DVD's

The PC version of Max Payne 3, which raised a few eyebrows with its 35 GB minimum storage requirement, will ship on four DVDs, the game’s Indian distributor E-Xpress Interactive has confirmed.

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caboose322313d ago

Good thing we don't have to switch them out mid-game.

Mystickay862313d ago

Damn! Haven't used 4 disc install since KOTOR1 & 2. Probably best though, rather than downloading 35 GB from Steam. Would probably take me 3+ days to finish

chaldo2313d ago

I am sure it will be available for pre-load like most games on steam. It's what I am hoping for :)

Trenta272313d ago

3+ days for you XD That would take me probably me a few hours at the most.

Trenta272312d ago

All the hate for a better internet connection? Really?

ninjahunter2313d ago

._. Get this man a 20 meg connecting, chop that down to 5 hours.

kevnb2313d ago

That's a good way to help fight piracy. Try torrenting a file that size and actually sharing it back.

rajman2313d ago

I think Asia could do it easily with their super fast broadband

Raider692313d ago (Edited 2313d ago )

Your internet must really suck!A 35GB file its 30-40 minutes download and 1hour to upload on my connection.Fibre 200MB FTW!

kevnb2313d ago

I'm talking torrents, you have to rely on others.

aawells072313d ago

lol yeah right. I still think ur cool tho.

SPAM-FRITTER-1232313d ago

ye thats only if it is you downloading it, dont forget the other hundreds of leechers that will be grabbing it off one seeder.

whats your DL/UL on a torrent client.

dark-hollow2313d ago

Some dude from Korea could download it and upload it to you faster than you could download it by yourself.

Their Internet speeds are CRAZY!

the worst2313d ago (Edited 2313d ago )

the might PC
all talk
i always hear about the best and greatest hardware
but but but its still uses a 1995 dvd player

@deadlybrand so what i have TB hd in my PS3

Raider692313d ago (Edited 2313d ago )

But haves HDD,SDD that can have TB of content and dont need to have disc inserted!Not to mention install and seek speeds advantage over your lovely 6 year old hardware.

Baka-akaB2313d ago


But you dont have a choice in the matter as you usually need both the disc and the install . So it's a stupid thing to be gloating about .

I havent inserted a disc in my pc over the last 5 years , dont need to .

dark-hollow2313d ago

Enjoy your 720p 30fps jaggies.

ninjahunter2313d ago

Lol, 720p. Yeaaaaaa. lets round that down to 600 and be realistic.

SkullBlade1692313d ago

Nah, make that 480p, 20fps.

GamingPerson2313d ago (Edited 2313d ago )

I like how you ignore steam and pretend 95% of pc gaming is not download..

Then you boast about an old pc with a 1TB pc component.

If pc version wasn't dx11 and @ a year 2012 frame rate and resolution I would still get it since the ps3 version you only get max payne 3 + dlc for $60

while on pc you get max payne 1,2 & 3 + dlc on pc.

And guess what? You can download it on steam!
Why would pc need bluray? give me a reason?

If it was on bluray all I could do is install it from the disk and throw it back in the box.

Bluray is crap for me.. I use netflix.

Let's always bitch about pc piracy but not console piracy. Let just give consoles a pass for some reason. >_>

happens a lot.

But anyway I hope this is why the game is so huge..

SilentNegotiator2313d ago

Here's an idea; go away. Go away and don't come back until you've educated yourself on, in general. Nothing about what you said makes any sense.

KillerPwned2313d ago (Edited 2313d ago )

Get out of here and don't come back...

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chadwarden2313d ago

Let's always bitch about ps3 install sizes but not PC install sizes. Let just give PC a pass for some reason. >_>

CaptCalvin2313d ago

Because it's typical to have a 1.5TB hard drive in your computer nowadays.

Charmers2313d ago (Edited 2313d ago )

Erm how about because PC's have had large install sizes for 2 decades ?. There is nothing unique or unusual about a large hard disc install with a PC game. However on the consoles it is different, firstly consoles have traditionally been "plonk in and play" ie you put the disc in and you play your game. An install is alien to that sort of "plonk in and play" philosophy that the consoles have had for decades.

Secondly hard disc storage on consoles is still relatively more expensive than the PC platform (since they have to use the 2.5" HD's which are more expensive and smaller in size storage wise). The vast majority of console gamers will NEVER upgrade the HD in their console. After all one of the reasons people go for consoles is to avoid the "upgrading" issue that PC's keep getting bashed for.

There are perfectly viable reasons why people would complain about large install sizes on consoles but not on the PC platform.

morganfell2313d ago

Most 1TB HDDs for the PC run about the same price as a 1TB SATA drive for the PS3. You can dig around for some specialty shops like Memory Labs but a quick check at Newegg will show you both prices are within a few dollars of one another. And installing a PS3 HDD is infinitely easier and quicker and all files can be backed up and reinstalled.

Christopher2313d ago

It takes forever if you back up and restore, though, morganfell. Took me 3 hours to do that with ~30GB of data when I upgraded to my 500GB HDD.

SkullBlade1692313d ago

Consoles were always designed to be "Insert game and play" devices. Installs have always been needed for PC. The reason people don't like installs on PS3 is because this shouldn't need to happen on consoles at all since they were supposed to be insert game and play devices.

Somebody2312d ago

Console games were also supposed to be patch free due to higher quality control in development...well, that's what they said when comparing the PC to the PS3 and X Box 360 when those two first came out.

Now, console gamers acted as if they NEVER said patches is one of the main reasons for them to leave the PC for consoles.

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