GamesBeat: Theatrhythm, a Final Fantasy anthology, has 13 mini games for 3DS fans

GamesBeat's Alejandro Quan-Madrid: If you think of Theatrhythm Final Fantasy as an anthology to celebrate the series’ 25th anniversary, its existence doesn’t seem so puzzling. This upcoming Nintendo 3DS title from Square Enix takes two things the franchise is cherished for, memorable music and role-playing-game mechanics, and fuses them together. Don’t worry if that sounds a bit odd at first. From what I’ve seen of the game at a recent preview event in Los Angeles, Calif., I’d say it’s tuning up quite nicely.

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acronkyoung2163d ago

It'd be cool if they had actual Final Fantasys on 3DS.

ronin4life2163d ago

3ds is backwards compatible. Several early mainline FF games were remade for the ds.
Not exactly what you meant I'm sure, but still something...^_^;

acronkyoung2162d ago

Cool, but I'd LOVE to get 3DS remakes of 5 and 6 to go with the DS remakes of 3 and 4.