Twilight Zone table to rise again in Pinball Arcade with the help of crowdfunding

Pinball machines may break, and arcades may close down, but digital is forever. Now, FarSight Studios is looking to make the Twilight Zone pinball machine a part of eternity by adding it to the lineup of titles in its excellent Pinball Arcade (available on iOS, Android, PlayStation Network, Xbox Live Arcade, and PS Vita).

Just one problem: Licensing a popular and beloved table like that can be expensive, so the developer is looking to Kickstarter to fund this expansion to their already-great collection.

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acronkyoung2248d ago

Nice to see a place to easily revisit pinball history.

Sadie21002248d ago

This would be great! Also, while they're at it...maybe the Theater of Magic (I think that's what it was called) table?

Information Minister2248d ago

I don't have my phone with me to confirm it, but I think that table is already available in the game.

godzilla722247d ago

Yes, Theater of Magic is already in there. Ive been playing it, great table! I have learned after contacting FarSight, that if you have a newer model tv, you will experience some delay with the flippers. I believe they are working on a patch though. I have experienced some pretty bad flipper delay, kinda sucks. Turned off the 120hz feature and seemed to make it better. Vita version is fine though!