Square Enix registers Just Cause 4 domains; Just Cause 3 not yet released

Aside from 2011 rumors of a Just Cause 3 video game in development and a movie, there hasn’t been a whole lot of news lately about Just Cause. That may be about to change as Square Enix has registered a slew of Just Cause 4 domain names on May 18, 2012, like and Through the internet brand protection firm Corporation Service Company, Square Enix not only picked up the dot-com, but also registered the same name in different country code extensions, as well as

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Kran2279d ago

Might as well grab it while it's there I suppose.

jjdoyle2279d ago

Yea, learn from the other's mistake.

Wenis2278d ago (Edited 2278d ago )

Yes hopefully this means this great franchise will continue for many years to come. JC2 was one of the few games this gen that actually had a true fun factor to it. But too bad it didn't have online..

Also I hope it goes back to a South American setting like the first and has that 1980's action movie soundtrack to it. Like this
Though i heard rumors it is going to be set in the Middle East, which could be interesting...


I also enjoyed JC2, but quite frankly it got boring after some time, and if you are aiming to really explore that islands, you gonna need some 60 or 70 hours.

The first one was better in that aspect for me. Still hoping for a sequel, could use a bit tigher controls there and more variety on the military bases/side objectives and the exploring in general.

yess2278d ago

For those with the pc version and who dosn't know, there are tons of awesome mods for JC2.

Makes the game even more awesome.


Snookies122279d ago

Oh good god, Just Cause 3 is going to be AMAZING! If they put in free roam co-op it'll be over man... I won't stop playing ever.

Trenta272279d ago

The game without co-op is incredible. Due to its flaws, however, it was severely overlooked. I actually think I'm going to go play some right now!

Snookies122279d ago

Well yes, Just Cause 2 was amazing even without co-op... But with a game like that, the possibilities with co-op seem endless and soooo intriguing!

Patriots_Pride2279d ago

I was one of the persons who skipped just caused 2 and picked it up a year after release and man the game left me impressed.

The world was huge and allot of exploring - the only thing was the repetitive missions, hopefully they fix that in JC3.

For some reason while playing this game I kept thinking UNcharted and would love a mix of the two games.

h311rais3r2279d ago

And add cities along with jungles. Customization and full destruction and co op. imagine grapple hook races through city streets? That would be awesome!

user54670072278d ago

Can we just enjoy a single player game for once, jeez why does everything have to have online features.

Let them work on the more important stuff like giving the world some life or improving the AI/Shooting.

Co-op should be the last thing they should work on, your basicaly giving them an excuse if the world feels a little empty like JC2...."Oh well we made it so you could play with your friend so we didn't bother"

Snookies122278d ago

Just Cause 2 WAS a single player game... As was the first Just Cause. So what's wrong with wanting 3 to have some co-op? That wouldn't change anything. They don't need to focus on making specialized missions or anything else for co-op. Simply let two people run around the single world together.

natchez22278d ago

jc3 will be great no matter what But.... I'm not into multiplayer games (because i'm bad at them lol) and cuz they normally put too much time into mulitiplayer and single player suffers e.g. BF3

KaBaW2278d ago

Iduno about that; i mean .. In BF3, it is and always was multiplayer first.
The single player in BF3 was the 'tacked on' part in that game.
They coulda done better with it, but their focus was multiplayer.

humbleopinion2278d ago

When it comes to destruction and mayhem in single player, JC2 is still the top game this gen, closely followed by Saints Row 3.

But only after playing Crackdown in co-op this gen people began to understand how much this genre is just SCREAMING for this mode. Co-op just makes these kind of games 10 times more awesome, so here's hoping for JC3 to include this feature as well.

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Cajun Chicken2279d ago

Why did they do it?

...Just 'Cause.

Hufandpuf2279d ago

I need to play jc2. I loved the demo.

MariaHelFutura2279d ago

Do it. Its a super underrated FUN game.

llMurcielagoll2278d ago

You won't regret this decision!

dark-hollow2278d ago

Just cause 2 is pure fun bundled in a little disk.
So underrated.

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