Diablo 3 Has No Future

BNR: I haven't played Diablo 3. I hear it's a great game though, but I'm pretty sure it has no future. Why? Because in ten to fifteen years, it will be unplayable.

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PerpetualMathx101735d ago (Edited 1735d ago )

this article was terrible, please just update your facebook with this and not a gaming site. why even single out diablo 3? pretty much any disk based game with servers would be in this position, so who cares. is the point of the article "if its not in the future do not enjoy it now!" because this was a pointless read. im not trying to discourage the author in writing but "why would i read this article if in 15 years this site no longer exists and i cant go back and read this article?" <------ cwutididthar

Jourdy2881735d ago

I see what you did there- but the reason I picked DIII as the subject is because it is, at current, the best example. It's the one foremost in mind. That said, I also made sure to comment on the fact that other games with this sort of DRM are going to be useless in several years.
I appreciate your feedback ;D

humbleopinion1735d ago

Diablo 2 is over 10 years old and still playable online on Hell, SC2 is approaching 15 years and it's still playable there.
The reason you picked D3 is invalid if you can't back it up with examples from said developer.

KentBlake1735d ago

I don't think that's the case at all...In 10 years, before the servers go down, I bet Blizzard will just release a patch allowing the game to be played offline. Simple as that.

Jourdy2881735d ago

Considering Blizzard's rep, probably. They're decent devs, but what about the other games dependent on always on DRM?

PFirefly1735d ago

They should just release that patch right now instead of waiting. Pirates are going to get around the DRM soon enough anyways, so why bother trying? It only pisses loyal customers off when they can't play single player just because servers or their own internet is down.

joab7771735d ago

Its has no future because it wont b playable in 10-15 years? What? First off 10-15 years? How long does it have to b playable to have a future? And like mentioned above, they will just make everything playable...or they wont and we will play something else.

NeoTribe1735d ago

Blizzard isn't going anywhere. In ten years you will still be able to play d2. Let's pretend for a second blizzard goes out of buisness, they will obviously just take the always online feature and remove it. Not a big deal.

Ramas1735d ago

Any game has no future because any game released now will not be playable after 50 years.......
i guess we will play other games then :) if we still be alive.