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Sorcery Producer: "The Best PS MOVE Game"

Portugal-Gaming went to the presentation of Sorcery and had the opportunity to interview the producer Peter Akemann.

Find out a bit more about the game!


Interview with Peter Akemann producer of Sorcery

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Interview with Peter Akemann producer of Sorcery
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Akuma-2222d ago (Edited 2222d ago )

This game is really good and after playing it with the move it shows me how rubbish the wiimote for the wii is. This game with ps move is technologically better than the wiimote and all of the wiimote controlled games. Nintendo imo should improve upon the wiimote for wii u.

I can't wait for the wii u but the wiimote needs improvement for better accuracy and should be able to read 3d space better

I can say that sorcery is the best move game I've played and even though I love the move implementation in killzone 3 , its easier to negotiate moves in sorcery more so than killzone 3. The controls in sorcery feels more natural and simple.sorcery is proof that move is viable for hardcore games. I've played a lot of motion controlled games on the wii and none work as well as sorcery with the ps move. Zelda skyward swords gameplay is worse with the wiimote and should have used the retro controller. I've also played a lot of move games that were frustrating because of the move controls but sorcery have made me a believer in ps move

Titanz2222d ago

Digressing from the main topic -- I have a Wii (with motion+), and the controls aren't "rubbish." It really depends on the title (try Redsteel 2 in the future, on the Wii U).

I tried Move, and I like the device. Both motion devices offer great motion for games, though the PS3 can patch support (motion controls) for their titles, and it's an HD console.

Ult iMate2222d ago

Move is much more accurate in positioning. You can see it clearly if you compare WiiSportResort and Move Sport Championships. Also It took Nintendo four years to make the wiimote to what it should be from the launch. I cannot play Red Steel 2 with just wiimote, you know.

Nitrowolf22222d ago (Edited 2222d ago )

It is. Guys Sony really pulled it with Sorcery, it's an awesome title and though it's short you can't argue with what your getting for it's price ($40). I hope Sony continues this trend of good Move games, cause Sorcery really does prove that motion control can work (PS3 wise). I mean TBH if this game was using the controller than I prob. wouldn't have liked it so much. It really is the best move title that Sony has made so far.

I agree with you to. While games like Killzone, Resistance and the other PS move titles work great, none of them feel as natural as Sorcery did.

I hope Sony advertises this title a whole lot more, because I have a feeling this is gonna go under the radar for many.

Can't wait for tomorrow to see what others are thinking about it.

Sorcery is truly the first PS Move utilizing title.

Dexter902222d ago

I agree with you... I made the review of the game, will publish it tomorrow for Portugal-Gaming, and the game is really really good!

smashcrashbash2222d ago

That's good to hear. And it seems that you are not the only one who thinks so. It's gotten two 8s so far.

n4gisatroll2222d ago is like, one of the only games really made for move, instead of swiftly made for a cash grab. I know its a day one for me.

MadMen2222d ago (Edited 2222d ago )

Well I think Sorcery was and is the PS move game to beat, however as far as PS move overall, its over, it lame ducked and doesnt have enough steam.


Maybe it's over for you. Personally I'm still enjoying it and looking up for more. Specially with the Sharpshooter, I loved it for Killzone 3, iw a better experience than with a gamepad (which is more than I can say of most motion controlled games, despite of hardware).

Breadcrab2222d ago

The producer of a game who calls his own project the best PS Move game ever? You don't say!

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