5 Reasons Why Knuckles is Sonic’s Best “Friend”

Josh Newey tells us, why Knuckles is the best friend of Sonic.

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Snookies122252d ago

Well at least Knuckles was smart back on the Genesis... I can't even count how many times I facepalmed at Tails who always lagged behind and got killed by the most random and stupid stuff. Tails is like a plague, always coming back when you really just want him to go away. I think Sonic is just stuck with him like a curse lol!

Titanz2252d ago

If you ever played co-op, the second player could fly you through the stages! (not all of them, though).

Snookies122252d ago

Hah, I mean the computer Tails was an idiot. XD

tidusforeverx22252d ago

I honestly disagree with the points made about him being sonics friend because of the character design. But i base the entire backstory on the archie comic telling, which makes far more sense to me and still fits the game series, minus the other characters.

In this explination i am going to reference many characters that people might not know about. but you could also check out the sat am sonic cartoon which relates.

In the archie universe King Acorn was the ruler of mobius and Dr. Robotnick was his royal advisor. He betrayed the royal family and used the roboticizor invented by sonic's uncle chuck to help disabled citizens as a tool to take over. Now Sonic, and Sally and tails and other major characters formed the freedom fighters in order to defeat Dr. Robotnick and restore the robotocized citizens to their fleshy forms. Knuckles is the guardian of angel island which floats in the sky thanks to the power of the Master Emerald, which was placed there by his ancestors which had been its protectors for ages, but knuckles was considered to be one of the last echindas for much of the beginnings of the story, but in his youth he had met Sally when her father arranged a vacation for his family way before the breakdown of society. at that time sally and Knuckles became friends which sonic did not know about until way later, after he had met sonic. the events of Sonic 3 and Knuckles were when they became enemies and rivals, but when sonic found out about his previous meeting with sally who is sonic's main love interest he becomes jealous and doesn't really get over it until way later. So i think the relationship between knuckles is the naruto/sasuke kind of thing for the majority of the series and even up to current issues. very rival like. although knuckles has several different love interests in the series sally is never one of the romantic ones as far as i can tell.

Felinox2251d ago

Dude... You might want to leave your house once in a while. Way to knowledgable on this.

tidusforeverx22251d ago

It's the only comic series I read. other than that i couldn't tell you crap about any other comic series... but we all have childhood heroes. And I'm not as bad as sports nerds that can tell you the year and stats of any given player or where they are from or any of that crap....

tidusforeverx22252d ago

Oh and in the comic series he is a special echidna because his knuckles are the only ones that are real, the other echnidnas are built into their gloves

kingPoS2252d ago (Edited 2252d ago )

I suddenly have an urge to dl me some sonic comics. lol

I'd be nice if sega hired the "taxman" again to give Sonic & Knucles 3 the HD treatment(and a bit tweaking) like he did with Sonic CD.