RipTen Dojo: The Break

In this weeks RipTen Dojo, we talk about getting burnt out on fighting games, and how taking a break might be the right way to move forward.

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PaladinXII2224d ago

This is a good rule for gaming in general. If you get burnt out, taking a break is good. Either you'll want to come back with renewed passion or decide that it isn't that important at all. Both are acceptable.

Lord_Sloth2224d ago

That's what I do. With both Dynasty Warriors and fighting games. Take a breather from it. Every few months I end up going back for more.

browland12224d ago

Agreed. We all get burnt out on certain types of games and the best thing to do is take a break from it. We love gaming, but it should never be a chore that you despise doing. Just walk away and come back to it when you're feeling it again - the games will always be there.