Amazon leaks Metal Gear Rising Revengeance Release Date

NextLevel writes: "So here I am looking to pre-order a couple of games on Amazon and I find the Metal Gear Rising. I then check the release date and here it is staring at me!"

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GraveLord2034d ago

Meh. I say its a placeholder.

TacticEspionage2034d ago

Haha your avatar is awesome!

jeseth2034d ago

This doesn't even feel like a Metal Gear game. Plus with how long its been in development the game will never live up to the hype. Another Year for tis game?

Give me MGS5 as a PS exclusive and get back to the heart of the Metal Gear Saga, not this mess that Rising has become.

AznGaara2034d ago

yes because a spin-off tittle is supposed to have the same feel as the main games right? Speaking of which did you see some of the crap Raiden did in MGS4? It wasn't too different from what your seeing here. This game will kick ass, platinum games know what they're doing.

HeavenlySnipes2034d ago

lol I forgot that they call it Revengance now (terrible name btw)

Uncharted2Vet2034d ago

MGR had TBA 2012 date, this is probably the truth. I didnt think the game was coming this year anyways

ZodTheRipper2034d ago

It's a placeholder and articles like this shouldn't make it to the news imo.

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The story is too old to be commented.