PixelJunk 4am Review |

PixelJunk 4am empowers you to be a DJ of a audio/visual synaesthesia and broadcast the result live on PSN.

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Trenta272226d ago

I hate how people just throw out 9's like this. 6 or 7 should be average and that's what this is.

mushroomwig2225d ago

Or you could just allow these websites to express their own opinion? 6-7 is your opinion, clearly others have their own.

Trenta272225d ago

No. It's more like the video game industry is messed up. 9 should be damn near flawless, which this certainly isn't. I can say the same for other games out there as well. 9 became the new average. We might as well increase it up to 15.

smashcrashbash2225d ago

You have the nerve to be telling the people who own the website what score they should give the game? You can disagree with it if you want but they played it and gave their opinion. You may have thought it was average but they didn't. A score is not a command to buy the game it is a guide line so you can make a decision

kingPoS2225d ago

It's not really a game in the purest sense. Think of as an interactive twitter like music app, take it or leave it.

Y_51502226d ago

I think I should try out the demo... I really have not liked this game yet from what I've seen and from what I've played in the beta.

ginsunuva2225d ago

It's not really a demo; it's a live viewer for you to watch others' performances live

Y_51502225d ago

Well then that's how the beta was. I will not get it until i get the Move I guess...

Makasu2225d ago

Yep! EU 15.05.12, US 15.05.12

Knushwood Butt2225d ago

Cool. Hopefully the JPN PSN gets it this week then.

PirateThom2225d ago

As long as you are aware it's not a game but an application and you like electronic music, it's definitely worth a go. My initial impressions I wrote on here stand true even after returning to it a few times.

PirateThom2225d ago

Yes, but there's no high score or goal as such, it's all about taking loops and one shots and creating unique songs and performing them live.