Diablo III Fallout Should Put A Nail In The Coffin Of Always-On DRM

New Rising Media writes "It promised to be one of the biggest videogame launches of all-time. 12 years in waiting, Blizzard’s Diablo III was already the biggest pre-seller ever and as highly anticipated as any game has been in recent gaming history. But it's launch will be one the team behind will not forget in a hurry - it was one instead deeply, drastically marred from the very second Blizzard turned the switch on its quite hellish creation. The perils of always-on DRM security and our route to a digital-only future are only now beginning to reveal their ugly faces."

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pr0digyZA2316d ago

To be honest I think this game has done the opposite of what the article says. I can already see publishers going wow it's been a week and still no crack ("technology which is supposed to protect games against illegal copying is cracked within hours of the release" it has been days and this statement hasn't happened yet. Publishers are probably thinking maybe it will be better if we sort out servers from day 1 and learn from Blizzards mistake. Because hey a week even a month could be a million extra sales.

This does not mean I support it, but I can see that publishers will see this as a way to combat piracy at least for the first couple of days or weeks. What makes me worried is that this might catch on to other PC devs and eventually console devs as a way to stop second hand games.

porter4702316d ago

I agree with what you say, but the way I see it is you have to take into account the running cost's of keeping said severs running. With Diablo 3 you got the RMAH (Real Money Auction House) coming out soon, that will provide a steady stream of income.

A few map packs that other Dev's will push out, wont be able to sustain the server cost's over the course of say 5 years. Unless they patch it out, like what Ubisoft seams to be doing.

My point is, this always on DRM, is going to be nothing but punishment for the consumer, with server's overloaded on release and the eventual shutdown a few years after, rendering the game useless.

kevnb2316d ago (Edited 2316d ago )

You already can't play multiplayer games in offline mode unless they have some separate campaign that has no affect on anything.
You can't play dc universe solo offline. You can't play cod with bots to level up. Make sense yet? the only game I can think of where offline play can affect online play is dark souls, which lets exploiters use an already fixed glitch to level up at will. @ above, what are you going on about with server shutdowns? What blizzard games are shut down? This isn't console gaming. Old games are often still supported on pc because they can still be played with modern hardware and because they can still make some money.

porter4702316d ago

My comment was more portrayed towards consoles, we've seen EA's online portion of there games get shut down. It's only a matter of time until it applies to the single player to.

kevnb2316d ago (Edited 2316d ago )

People are delusional as all hell on the internet. The game has sold millions of copies in a week... The DRM is more about controlling the game so it's not overrun with cheating. somehow people just don't get why its there.

kesvalk2316d ago

ppl that think like you is the reason gaming is so fucked right now...

V0LT2316d ago

That is pretty much the case. People need to stand up to this BS. Period. Until they do nothing will change. This is the reason I won't buy it.

Hicken2316d ago

First off, so what? That doesn't at all ensure that those millions of copies will be played, and part of that can be directly attributed to the DRM included in it.

Secondly, you DO realize that DRM harms legitimate owners more than hackers, right? Well, I guess if you did, you wouldn't be making such silly comments.

DRM controls the game, as you said, but it winds up being more about limiting what YOU can do with it- for example, not being able to play it offline at all- than about preventing hackers.

CDProjekt is a lot smaller than Blizzard, but their biggest title, The Witcher 2, has no DRM. Granted, there are about 4.5 million illegitimate copies floating around, but the developers themselves have said DRM doesn't work.

Why would they lie? They're being subjected to massive amounts of piracy; if DRM worked, why wouldn't they use it?

Baka-akaB2316d ago

i hate drm like everyone , but some needs to remember how diablo 2 was constantly ruined by hacked items and other general hacks .

this no happening as easily this time around if at all , is pretty much the only positive aspect for now

Raider692316d ago (Edited 2316d ago )

So thats the reason the servers are still down in EU at this very moment!What a fuc%ing way of support the fans and all that have buy this game.All this DRM always online must go away from good!SP Portion been lockdown because of blizzard stupidity!

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mananimal2316d ago

Ive been saying this for 3years now, The Next Gen Consoles, & especially Mirco-NAZI(SOFT) is gonna implement ALWAYS ON DRM, with the success of XBOX LIVE, they feel they can get away it, some of you SHEEPLE mocked me, but your just "whisle`n in the dark" & SCARED TO CONFRONT THE REALITY of my prediction, lol, its gonna happen & most of you SO CALLED GAMERS are gonna sign up for it INSTEAD OF TAKING A STAND & saying NO!! I WONT COMPROMISE. It speaks DIRECTLY to what your are if you go along with this BS, WEAK WILLED, SPINLESS JELLY FISH, NO INTESTINAL FORTITUDE, compromiser that just wants to play your game NO MATTER WHAT they(THE INDUSTRY) do to you or charge you, if your gonna complain abt it, THEN DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT & REFUSE TO GO ALONG JUST TO GET ALONG. otherwise, if you know your gonna give in, like a sheeple, then just shut up & bend over like a whore & take it with no VASELINE.....& when you LOOK IN THE MIRROR, there will be NO DENYING what kind of HUMAN BEING YOU ARE.