Why We'll Never Get A Decent Street Fighter Movie

GamingUnion: "As the poster boy for defining solid 2D fighting gameplay, Street Fighter is also perhaps best known as the poster boy for why making games into film was never a good idea. Having two spin-offs and eradicating the respect of certain actors (Kreuk, Julia, no Van Damme doesn't count), it seems a curse looms over the depraved idea of a silver screen pickup. The common argument is that filmmakers should stick to the established material when it comes to crafting live action adaptations. While this theory can apply to other gaming titles, just how much of it can be administered to Street Fighter?"

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versusALL2252d ago

Because the Street Fighter and all other fighting games story's suck, BADLY. Why would they even turn any fighting game into a movie. That's just dumb.

NovusTerminus2252d ago

Actually, BlazBlue has a very good story to it. I was floored, it has more plot twists then some RPG's I have played.

mephman2252d ago

The original Mortal Kombat was okay, but since then, the story has got pretty crazy. Mortal Kombat: Annihilation... really wasn't good.

Reibooi2252d ago (Edited 2252d ago )

The original Street Fighter II the animated movie was awesome. It was exactly what a Street Fighter movie should have been. It was mature had great fight scenes(which at times were brutal like Chun-li's fight with Vega she gets bloodied pretty badly before all is said and done) and a pretty good story considering what we have seen from the franchise. Most people forget that it was indeed a movie and that it just happened to be animated.

Baka-akaB2252d ago (Edited 2252d ago )

I dont even see why people want live versions instead . Most games only need cgi or animated movies .

The sf2 animated movie was perfect , all it needs are up to date sequels with the alpha , sf3 and sf4 stuff .

It's not as if look alike actors were available , and even less likely those available who be skilled enough in either acting or martial arts .

MaxXAttaxX2252d ago

The Street Fighter II and Alpha animated movies were good.

The need to stop pushing live action movies. It just doesn't work.

Patriots_Pride2252d ago

Because its not scientifically possible to get Guiles hair style in real life.

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mephman2252d ago

Oh Jean Claude. How the casting director ever thought that was a good idea, nobody knows.

mushroomwig2252d ago

The fact that he's supposed to be American in the movie is laughable.

StayStatic2252d ago (Edited 2252d ago )

and no sonic booms ...

ShawnCollier2252d ago

I never could think of a way to get these types of movies done in real-life, TBH. You'd almost have to do these ones in CGI for it to work.

Kyosuke_Sanada2252d ago

Or least have it hand-drawn. 4 C, Studio Bones, Production IG and Madhouse shows more than enough times that they are capable of delivering the goods. Why nobody knocked on their door is baffling to say the least.....

Lord_Sloth2252d ago

It'd be easy if anybody was willing to actually put forth the effort. I mean, come on, people, Street Fighter doesn't have an uber complex storyline! People going to see it are going to see their favorite characters kick people's ass!

It's a tournament! That can't be hard to grasp!

Baka-akaB2252d ago

and yet they all refuse to just follow the damn tournaments of fighting games , and wanna include some off the road main plot

Lord_Sloth2252d ago

Like Bison's tragic mustache in the Legend of Chun Li.

Moncole2252d ago

We will never get a decent videogame movie.

Patriots_Pride2252d ago

Watch Silent Hill - best video game to movie transition I have ever seen.

Silent Hill 2 is suppose to come out this year and I am hype.

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