How to save Call of Duty 5 from crapness

Rumour has it that the next game in the awesome Call of Duty series will be taking a step backwards, returning to the over-used World War II setting after its glorious foray into contemporary conflict with the 10/10-rated Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare. It seems an illogical step, but when you consider that CoD3's developer Treyarch is back in the saddle as opposed to Infinity Ward, and that a Pacific location has been hinted at, it all starts to sound more and more likely.

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DiLeCtioN3987d ago (Edited 3987d ago )

keep this bad boy modern and it should be kickass again

EDIT: if this goes ww2 again or 1 they have to do something really special

BrianC62343987d ago

The big problem they have with COD5 is they won't get a bunch of current day weapons not included in COD4. If that's all they really want can't Infinity Ward just add more weapons as downloadable content? It's not like you need a whole new game to get new weapons.

Apocwhen3987d ago

One way to save it from crapness would be to keep Infinity Ward as far away from the online mutliplayer development as they can possibly get after what they done to it on the PS3. 2 Months on after release and it's still messed up.

killinet2473987d ago

mine has been working flawlessly except maybe a few days but there are the occasional connection interrupted problems but not too big of a deal.

SeanScythe3987d ago (Edited 3987d ago )

shame because WWII is lame nothing new and I sure as hell won't be getting it. I wonder how they are going to feel when the game is not picked up even near what COD4 did?

Oh no, my Greatgrandfather fought WWII and I have much respect for him and all the men that fought in that war. I mean the games of WWII are lame and bland nothing new. Just nicer gfx and that gets old unless there is better weapons and stuff.

ravinash3987d ago

no offence to those who fought in WWII....he's refering to the games being lame. ;-)

Balance3987d ago

why can't we get call of duty 5 future warfare. i don't think there has been an FPS in a long time that used future-istic weapons (not overblown weapons like in UT3) in a real setting. the developer could watch future weapons on the discovery and take ideas from there. make it real not fantasy. that would be cool.

Adamalicious3987d ago

How to save Call of Duty 5 from crapness? Keep it away from Treyarch.

chester3987d ago

COD2 was fantastic. if they feel the need to go back to WWII, fine, but leave it in the hands of IW and give them a couple of years to work on it. COD4 will have enough longevity to keep the masses interested with dlc (new maps, maybe weapons, etc) until they can get COD5 together. the only way to make sure it doesn't suck is to put IW on it and then let them do what they do without interruption.

VirusE3987d ago

I was going to say the same thing! Treyarch ruined cod 3. Why not let COD take a year off rather than tarnishing the brand by making it the next tony hawk?

CRIMS0N_W0LF3987d ago

lol i was gonna say that :(

RecSpec3987d ago

They could care less about the brand name, they just want money. Parents think, well my son like Call of Duty 4, so 5 must be better.

It's Activision's style, there will be a new guitar hero this year too.

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PS360WII3987d ago

If they really want to bring it back to the WWII era and want to stir the pot of the overly used wartime then have the main story and character the bad guys.

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