Madden NFL 13 will Feature "Tebowing"

This is sure to rankle a ton of axe-grinders, which makes it remarkable the development team for Madden NFL 13 chose to poke this snake. But there will be a "Tebowing" celebration animation in the game this year, according to Mike Young, the game's creative director.

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MariaHelFutura2252d ago

I thought you were always allowed to be a back-up QB.

SKUD2252d ago

Jets fans are pretty brutal. The moment he stinks up the joint (and he will) those fans are gonna rip him apart. The newyork market is one of the toughest in the NFL. Just ask Sanchez. It also doesn't help that just across the street the giants are getting it done. 2012 NFL season can't start soon enough.

cedaridge2252d ago

I think madden will be fun this year. can't wait to pick it up!

LOL_WUT2251d ago

I'll have to skip it then.