New The Last Of Us Wallpaper and Screenshots Look Amazing

Naughty Dog has updated and added a new wallpaper as well as some new screenshots from the upcoming blockbuster that look amazing.

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2190d ago
BringingTheThunder2190d ago

how is this a ps3 game??? it looks so good.

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h311rais3r2190d ago

Because its in 720 @ 30fps?

Chitown712912190d ago

Thats true dude, but you still gotta give em credit for how it looks....... P.S. I didn't disagree wit you if you're wondering :-)

CGI-Quality2190d ago

Which is irrelevant because there are plenty of games with that resolution / frame-rate or lower that don't even come close to this.

WeskerChildReborned2190d ago

Lol you claim it's 720p and 30fps but we haven't even seen the gameplay or heard from Naughty Dog themselve.

raytraceme2190d ago

I still see people arguing about the Last Of Us' graphics those people still don't get the fact that uncharted 3 holds the crown for best graphics on a console. Yet these people still have their doubts... hmm smh

Also talking about linearity, infamous festival of blood got fxaa added from infamous 2 while maintaining ssao, 720p resolution, 30fps, and even realtime reflections ingame.

MaxXAttaxX2190d ago

30fps is pretty solid for a game like this. And it definitely looks better than a lot of other games that run at higher resolutions.
Suck it hater.

Lulz_Boat2190d ago

still better than subHD @15FPS of most 360 games.


Awesome_Gamer2190d ago

Doesn't matter, it looks better than anything X360 can offer and that is a FACT

dale_denton2189d ago

h311rais3r.. SERVED. HAVE A GREAT DAY.

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2189d ago
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ninjahunter2190d ago

You can do alot if you cut out excess shaders and normal maps.

andrewsqual2189d ago

No its a game, dude get with the programme

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fpshooter22190d ago

amazing. we have something really special on our hands. day one.

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The story is too old to be commented.