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"It’s been seven years since I first played Diablo II, so I’ve been looking forward to Diablo III for some time now (Not the full twelve year wait, mind. But still quite a while). I love these kinds of RPGs, and I’ve spent many (hundreds) of hours playing Darkstone, Titan Quest, Diablo, Torchlight and various others, so when my beta invite for Diablo III came through I decided to promptly ignore it." By Liam Stanway

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Trenta272127d ago

Perfect score for this game. I'm being completely serious on this. Somehow game journalism and ratings have made 9's be the new average. 9 should be damn near flawless.

h311rais3r2127d ago

I'd personally give it more a 8.5. It's really fun and addicting. It has some issues such as the lag, there could be more customized options and the graphics COULD be better but overall it succeeds as a good game. Been playing with all my friends and it has a lot more depth then people give it.

NegativeCreepWA2127d ago

Love the game, I would give it a 9. A few online launch problems doesn't justify lowering the score of a great game.

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christheredhead2127d ago

Actually, it should affect score since its integrated into the game itself. Its a single player focused game with lag and login issues? Come on, that should account for some deduction regardless as to how great the game is.

I'm only saying that because these are problems you will most likely see later on down the line, far far after launch. Always connected DRM was an idiotic design decision when it comes to this game.

kevnb2127d ago

Its a multiplayer focused game that lets you solo. How many recent multiplayer games let you play offline in modes that can affect multiplayer? I can only think of dark souls, which has led to people exploiting the glitches that existed before patches.

christheredhead2127d ago (Edited 2127d ago )


How many offline single player games make you play online?

D3 is focused on both aspects depending on the player. Some rather play single player, like myself. Having to be always connected to play alone is really the dumbest thing ever implemented, D3 is no exception. I can't support ridiculous DRM that punishes consumers. Especially those who have no need to be online in the first place. Online problems such a server issues and lag, when related to single player gaming, is a joke.

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kevnb2127d ago

I bet if this game was on console there would be a lot less trolling going on. And I bet more people would realize allowing offline mode would be suicide when online play is tied to it. You can't play cod offline to rank up, they just give you a crappy short offline campaign. You can't solo dc universe offline, it would f that game too.