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Richard Bailey Jr of writes:
During July of 2001, Remedy Entertainment introduced the world to a groundbreaking third-person shooter with a sophisticated slow motion gunplay mechanic, mature narrative, and graphic novel stylized presentation.
Max Payne ignited the PC gaming culture by breaking the rules of conventional gameplay all while paying homage to the classic action hero movie genre.

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Joule2312d ago

How the fuck is this at 250 degrees with no comments?

bunt-custardly2312d ago

And for a game which has had a ton of reviews already. Would be understandable if the review was like controversial, but it's not.

lociefer2312d ago

aaawwww i was expecting trolls :(

showtimefolks2312d ago

its a good game with decent story and 8-10hrs of single player. Did not play online but heard its good. Not sure its worth the 60 bucks since i didn't play online or not interested in online

so a rent if you only interested in single player

soundslike2312d ago

Beat and returned it within 24 hours of getting it for $2

Redbox ftw


chaldo2312d ago

it will be top story by morning.

MasterD9192312d ago

I've heard mixed things about this game but really have yet to see a review that is below an 8/10 for this game.

It's already a success as far as I can tell.

honkyjesus2312d ago

Several. Gametrailers for one.

It is a Rockstar megabudget game, most sites won't give it less than a 9. If you want products, go with stuff like this.

If you give a game by Rockstar a bad score that is going to upset the fanboys beyond belief, the reviews for this are basically written by Rockstar.

Cheers, sorry for essay.

Trenta272312d ago

What? Rockstar deserves every good review it gets. Max Payne 3 was brilliant.

ReservoirDog3162312d ago

The gameplay alone justifies all the good scores. When all you do is shoot and you never get bored, you just have perfect shooting mechanics. Then throw in the story and writing and there's nothing you can really say that's bad about the game.

And I still haven't got into the multiplayer.

Long story short, R* gets a lot of love for all it does (don't forget no online passes in a major release like this) but there's a minority of people who just act very negative with them.

Don't really get why.

Drabent2312d ago

Game rocks, haven't had this much fun online in awhile with BF3's input lag and starhawk plastic rifle but they have to patch some stuff.

honkyjesus2312d ago

The site has bots to click it or something. What the hell is this?

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