Why Resident Evil Code: Veronica is every bit as good as Resident Evil 4

Josh Newey writes about how he thinks Resident Evil Code Veronica is at least as good as Resident Evil 4.

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RedDead2164d ago

Scare wise, it's better

RE4 is a better game though.

Gaming1012164d ago

RE:CV is only scary due to the deplorably bad controls that make it impossible to escape enemies and feel like you're actually in control - when you feel like you won't be able to escape or battle effectively any enemy, you're going to be scared the entire time since the punishment for dying is going wayyyy back to your last save, and with limited ribbons that take up inventory space, who wouldn't be scared?

Kyosuke_Sanada2164d ago (Edited 2164d ago )

I agree it's terrible when a survival horror is about SURVIVAL isn't it and like I said before if the game's difficulty was raised to balance the monsters or the danger level with Resident Evil 4's move list combined with the puzzle elements of past games. Capcom is sitting on lold but would rather be unoriginal......

jeeves862164d ago

I agree, the tank-like controls had a lot to do with the fear that you were going to die. But part of the reason that the classic survival horror games were so amazing was that no one had done what they were doing, right up to CV.

They weren't for the faint of heart, either. They were pretty challenging, whereas RE4 was more streamlined, tailored for a wider audience.

moegooner882164d ago

It is my fav RE game, btw for those interested you can get both of them in a discounted bundle on PSN this week, Capcom's normal price is way too much (20 dollars each !), even for such classics

HarryMasonHerpderp2164d ago

Ive been holding out on buying code veronica
i really wanted it but its such a rip off
for a DLC PS2 game that's basically a straight port.
Would be cheaper to get an old copy and just play
it on my PS2.

MacUser19862164d ago

The visuals were updated quite a bit.

wolokowoh2164d ago

Considering how short Code Veronica can be, it definitely should be less. It's an amazing game but it's also very old. If I can get a 100+ hour FF PS1 classic for $10 or less and PS2 classics for just as cheap, I don't see why a slight resolution update would constitute $10 extra dollars, especially when modern day PSN games offer as much or more content and look better for much cheaper.
As far as the article, it's a pretty good read. However I disagree that RE4 would be seen a cause of concern for the franchise's future(suggests this at the end). After all, that's RE5's job. RE4 was in between horror and action. They nailed the ambiance and the pacing as well as the gameplay mechanics. It retained a lot of what made RE great while doing making the game more fun. RE4 only becomes focused heavily on action when you reach the Island and the Mercenary modes. RE5 is what would make me concerned. While the game was fun, it had little ambiance, it focused too much on the action, screwed up the pacing by speeding it up, the coop hindered the single player experience, and the game just became incredibly ridiculous with the monster design and speed of mutations. Unfortunately so far RE6 looks more like RE5 than RE4. It still looks great but it certainly has made me more cautious about pre-ordering it.

MacUser19862164d ago

And how do you know this? They were half priced a few months ago.

helghast1022164d ago

Code Veronica is a fantastic RE game, anyone that hasn't played it is doing a huge disservice to themselves.
It's my second favourite, after RE3.

Fragger2k82164d ago

At least give some real reasons. You might've gotten a few less disagrees that way.

aDDicteD2164d ago

code veronica is better than re4, sure re4 was very inventive on their over the shoulder cam but as for the story as well as the old classic horror feel of the series it's on code veronica

Isis062164d ago (Edited 2164d ago )

It marks the end of RE for me.

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