Top 5 Launch Games in Nintendo History

One of the big variables for Wii U going into E3 is what games will be available at launch. ZI takes a trip back through time and revisits the best of the best of ye olde Nintendo launch games.

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frequentcontributor2249d ago

Mario launched with the Gameboy Advance and DS, as well, although in remake form. I picked up Super Mario Bros 2 on launch day for the Advance... I feel like since good games take longer to make, now, getting AAA titles on day one or in the launch window is becoming more rare. It's a weird situation, because the system has to launch eventually, whether great games are done or not, so you just have to hope enough lead time was provided to developers... I can see WiiU launching with a pack-in title that was the E3 demos from last year, and the new 2d Mario will fly out the door with every system sold...

tigertron2249d ago

Mario Kart Super Circuit, Luigi's Mansion, Star Wars Rogue Squadron II, Sonic Adventure 2: Battle and Super Mario Advance.

Y_51502249d ago

Pikmin 3 maybe the best launch title? we'll see...