Did Blizzard Blow Diablo 3's Launch?

Twelve years in the making, the sequel to the fastest-selling game in history, the new thing from Those Guys Who Do World Of Warcraft, Blizzard, Diablo III hit last week and… let’s just say it failed to live up to expectations.

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Sargerus2197d ago (Edited 2197d ago )

Either one of those happened:

-Blizzard got lazy and didn't think it would be any issues
-Blizzard underestimated D3 popularity and thought that hundreds of thousands( or even millions, who knows) wouldn't play on launch night

But hey is Blizzard , is not that uncommon for their games to have issues on launch day.

Vanilla WoW's launch,BC launch, WotLK launch, SC2 launch anyone?

Si-Fly2197d ago

In fact it's not uncommon for most games with an online component to have problems on launch day.

Moncole2197d ago

Anyone who ever gets Blizzard games at launch would know they are always like that.