Wii Fit gets Wii Mat - For the demanding digital athlete

Did you import Wii Fit over the holidays? Do you find your knees aching after a few days of heavy digital workouts? Or maybe your feet don't agree with the cold of your hard wood floor, so you haven't been using the title regularly.

Hori has the solution to complete your Wii Fit experience. The peripheral maker announced today the Wii Fit Mat.

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MK_Red3983d ago

Awesome, a crappy peripheral for a crappy game that is peripheral itself.

Eretik3983d ago

Excellent peripheral for excellent game.

wiizy3983d ago

you can almost smell a hater.. thats ok.. nintendo is on top to stay. so all that crying will not help you

MK_Red3983d ago

lol I may be a hater but not a Nintendo / Wii hater. I love all systems and found games like Zack & Wiki, MP3, SMG3 and more beyond amazing and as good as top PS3 and 360 titles.
The thing that I hate is Wii Fit which is the most useless and unfun thing man has ever invented.

forum_crawler3983d ago

But the fact is that lots of people would disagree with you (myself included). The sales of the game speak for themselves...

While I appreciate the fact that you don't like the game, I wouldn't call it the "most useless and unfun thing man has ever invented." I for one don't like FF games at all. I find the fighting style to be silly (I prefer the Zelda fighting style much better), but that doesn't mean I will call it boring, but I will call it "not my cup of tea."

forum_crawler3983d ago (Edited 3983d ago )

double post. Sorry...

IntelligentAj3983d ago

Nah I actually agree with MK on this one. This shouldn't be classified as a game. It's a cool concept and will no doubt draw in a new audience to video games but wow.

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