Vita's First "Must-Buy" Game Comes In June

"Now hey, there are some damn good games on the above list that I definitely want, but for each one, there are two or three that I know from experience with the genre or series that I can do without. You're no fool, you realize this too. 'Must buy' is overused and usually, a bit dishonest.

...Until now, when *I* use it."

-Game Revolution's "Most Interesting Gamer in the World" character

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IRetrouk2253d ago (Edited 2253d ago )

Already had its first mustbuy, it was a little something called uncharted

knifefight2253d ago (Edited 2253d ago )

To pose to you the question from the article...

"I anticipate whining at my disdain for such a popular phrase, and moreover, for denying that there have been any must-buy Vita games up to this point. Maybe you feel Uncharted: Golden Abyss was a "must-buy" Vita game. What if people didn't like the PS3 Uncharted games? That's entirely possible."

So people MUST buy a game they know they won't like? That seems silly and not very cost effective to me. Perhaps Golden Abyss is a great game to many people, but to call it a "must buy" even when someone may have played and disliked other Uncharted games is, well, a lie.

Nakiro2252d ago

That's the dumbest argument ever.

Who's to say you will like Gravity Rush?
If that argument was to hold true there would be no must buy games.

Uncharted was for many a must buy game and the sales dictated that as well.

knifefight2252d ago (Edited 2252d ago )

There's a very clear difference, because with Uncharted, there are three games you could have played before to know if it's your thing. Not one, not two, but three.

What games have you played that are like Gravity Rush?

(The last paragraph of the article sums it up pretty well.)

The "must buy" here is a note towards the creativity, innovation, and art represented within this game. There is no comparison, whereas with Golden Abyss, there are 3 comparisons.

I suppose it's difficult to understand the difference if you don't think about it, but if you do, it becomes rather easy to see.

supremacy2252d ago (Edited 2252d ago )

agreed, simply put, it was and still is one of the better vita games out to date hands down.

To think, because golden abyss isnt a new franchise isnt worthy of a must buy/must have title is plain and simply simply put, dumb to the fullest extent.

3DS must have/must buy games are usually sequels and spins offs of already established franchises like mario and zelda among others.

halo is a must have, call of duty, god of war, ect. these are all more than worthy of that mention. The numbers outweight the opposition in this case.

New ips are great and i am glad companies like Sony are heavily committed to this ideal. But to dismiss the established, because it is been done before or because there is more like it. Is like i said dumb.

In fact, no one can say for sure whether or not a new ip is a must have, specially if there is no history to warrant its case ()))or in this case)the authors opinion.

However, this is not say i am not up for new ips. In fact i think new ips are healthy for the industry and should be pushed more by the social media.

Uncharted golden abyss i finally platinumed, now just waiting for resistance: burning skies and then gravity rush next month. As for the future, e3 will determine where my interests go. But if soul sacrafice is anything to go by, then ill say the vita is just beginning to florish.

The vita itself is a must have.

Oaklnd2253d ago

Must buy again?! the last must buy list had me broke for the month I just dont think i can keep buying lol

Tuxedo_Mask2252d ago

If this game had been available at launch I would have already bought a Vita.

kingdavid2252d ago

Well you can play P4 on ps2..

Ser2252d ago

What does that matter? I can't fit a PS2 into my pocket.

kingdavid2252d ago

It means its not really "must have" on vita.

Ser2252d ago

It's a must have for me...I know I'll be getting it.

knifefight2252d ago

What if you don't like JRPGs?
What if you hated Persona 3 and 4?

xursz2252d ago

Who hated Persona 3 and 4? :o

GuruStarr782252d ago

meh.. buying it, but I'm more looking forward to other games for the Vita, like Burning skies... good article though.... we do need to show our support for new IPs!

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