More trouble ahead for Diablo III

An editorial outlining future problems regarding server issues, botters, and third-party sellers while warning fans to expect a less-than-smooth launch weekend.

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Elderly_Cynic2283d ago

Another great article on the perils of always-on DRM. When are developers going to realize that this doesn't stop piracy... it only hurts their loyal, paying customers?

SeanDKnight2283d ago

It's all about control at this point. Unless people stop buying games with these restrictions then publishers/deveopers will continue to adapt them.

Ravenor2282d ago

Is the AI not managed by the servers? I remember downloading the beta and the crack and it only allowed you to run around with no enemies, this was also LATE in the beta.

Also, I'm fairly sure that all chracters and items are tracked by the server. Not by a save file on your computer, I fail to see how Blizzards "Ineffective" DRM is going to allow for duping or third party selling of items with this kind of system in place.

I couldn't play D3 on the 15th, but I've been able to play it fine since then. signing in to play a Blizzard game with a heavy MP bend isn't a problem. If the game was legitimately designed to be a SP experience like you claim about D1 (it had MP fyi) and D2 then sure, but D3 is a MP game so was D2.

A log in for games isn't a restriction, fringe cases are irrelevant. If plane Wifi is enough to connect and play D3, then the fringe cases aren't even worth discussing.

SeanDKnight2282d ago


So are many MMO games yet hackers are able to reverse engineer them and create private servers along with duping items. As for third-party selling it happens all the time. It is, in fact, very easy to do.

And as I explained in the editorial they are already working on the crack and will be able to play on their own servers, by themselves, without having to log into (which many players wish they could do).

On top of that people are already exploiting and cheating in the game (a game which hasn't even been out for a full week which will mess up the ingame economy. Botting and duping will be following right behind it too.

As for fring cases. I don't see how the problems with the Asian and European servers are fring cases. Just thi morning, Sunday, the European servers went down for about 3-4 hours without any explanation from Blizzard.

So that is definitely not a fringe case.

Ravenor2282d ago (Edited 2282d ago )

Private servers, you can private server all day, It doesn't effect or have anything to do with the real legit servers. Do you realize that it's not like people are going to be jumping between the two

Duping and selling stuff on a private server will not effect anything, some poor kid playing a private server doesn't effect anything.

Doing a quick Youtube search has turned up no videos of exploits (I don't care to search in more detail) so what are they and how do they negatively effect my game atm?

Your servers were down for 3-4 hours? Oh you poor thing, god I hope you're okay. It's an online game, get over it.

kevnb2282d ago (Edited 2282d ago )

It helps control the game, why doesn't anyone get it? A game like Diablo 3 needs to be controlled and regulated or it will get ruined.

SeanDKnight2282d ago

But it's not going to work. All it accomplishes is making things inconvenient for the honest consumer and even turning some of those consumers, who would have bought it, into pirates themselves.

There is no benefit to it whatsoever because it doesn't accomplish its goals in the first place.

NeoTribe2282d ago

They will never understand it. D3 has a economy that needs to be protected or it will end up like d2. People just wanna cry about everything. If it was about piracy starcraft 2 would be online only aswell. If your new to the diablo series than I understand why all these people are so ignorant to the fact that once the hackers and dupers get ahold of the game they destroy it. I'm happy there actually trying to keep it from happening again.

vallencer2282d ago (Edited 2282d ago )


It hasn't inconvenienced me at all. Who in their right mind played d2 single player anyway? Diablo, ever since 2 really, has really just been about multiplayer. Yeah sure you had an option to do single player but MOST people didn't play it. Being online the whole time is not a problem I mean you have a constant internet connection so you always have internet. And if the servers go down play another game.

As far as bots go im pretty sure they wont be invading peoples games to spam things like in d2. Im fact I don't really think anyone is going to bother making them unless its just to run through the game for their own personal gain. However I believe blizzard is banning people for using bots and mods so im sure they will ban people who make private servers as well.

Sharodan2283d ago

I haven't tried logging in yet for the weekend, but I'd imagine it hasn't been... smooth.

I've noticed lag throughout my play time over the week, even at what I would think were not peak times.

Letros2282d ago

I've been on a lot this weekend and the lag is much better, seems they have finally stablized the severs.

TopDudeMan2282d ago

Well, the servers were down earlier, they're not long back up.

Trenta272282d ago

Lag on a single player game is just freakin stupid.

kevnb2282d ago

there is no single player. You can solo like in an mmo, but there is no single player.

SaffronCurse2282d ago

Im not too sure if it's my internet or not but i do get lag pretty frequently, my bar goes from green to yellow pretty much everytime i play. But it dosen't really impact my gaming experience.

tarbis2282d ago

A pretty good article. The game itself is good but took a step back from D2. The lag, disconnection and inability to log in is what killing it.
There is no way Blizzard can't fix this. Starcraft 2 didn't have much of this kind of problem during launch and it also has DRM but played so much better than D3.

vallencer2282d ago

You can actually play sc2 offline you just don't earn achievements.

handsomepantz2282d ago

@seanD What you fail to realize is that blizzard has proven that DRM DOES indeed work and works quite well for them. For the last 7+ years world of warcraft has proven that very fact. Do i like not being able to play any time i want. Nope. In fact, i get so mad when i want to play my favorite games,but my internet goes down or blizzard servers are down or whatever the case may be , but in the long run , you just suck it up and deal with it. No amount of crying from the people is going to change that as long as the people keep coming back. Until blizzard sees a real reason to change this model (ie: a vast majority of their customer base) then they aren't changing it. So as a customer , you have a few choices. 1) You can write them a strongly worded letter voices your oppinions about this kind of DRM and how much you as a paying customer loath it and refuse to support their games in the future because of it 2) suck it up and deal with it like 90% of their other customers (literally MILLIONS), who deal with this kind of forced server based play. If i were to believe the argument you're making, you would have people believe that so so many people aren't going to tolerate this from blizzard. I assure you, you are in the minority on this one and the majority of players,while they may hate it, will continue paying for and playing blizzard games as long as they are enjoyable to play.
Now, having said all this , i do sympathize with your oppinion, because to be honest, i feel the same way. I personally hate feeling stuck playing through a server. My internet goes down ALOT and it truly frustrates me that i'm tethered to some online service when i could careless to play with other people. However, them's the breaks. Peace be with you :)

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