Ubisoft settles on "Face Your Insanity" tagline for Far Cry 3 according to domain

Back in March, a GameFAQs member completed a market research survey for Far Cry 3 box art. They were also asked their opinion for the tagline "Face your insanity". Many of the people who responded in the forum liked the tagline. One person even replied, "Face your insanity is the perfect tagline for this game." Now, it looks like Ubisoft has settled on the tagline "Face Your Insanity" for the upcoming first-person shooter video game. On May 17, 2012, Ubisoft registered the domain name

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ThatEnglishDude2248d ago

These boxarts are atrocious. Just sayin'

Alos882247d ago

Is it just me, or does it seem from the boxart that you play as Vaas (guy with the mohawk)? I kinda wish he was the protagonist, he seems far more interesting than the actual hero.

Adexus2247d ago

I remember an article where a dev said that playing as Vaas in extended DLC would be a cool idea, and it certainly would be so here's hoping!

I do like the actual protagonist though, he's the kind of sarcastic, funny guy like Nathan Drake and I find it hard not to like those kind of protagonists :P

TekoIie2247d ago

But thats the thing! When you see this guy your totally gonna think "OH FRICKPICKLE" and "CRAP HE'S A COOL BAD GUY".

When he appears, its gonna be a special moment in this game :)