Voice Actor Comments on Mass Effect 3: Extended Cut DLC

Lance Henriksen, voice of Admiral Steven Hackett in ME3, commented to G4 about what fans can expect from the new Mass Effect 3: Extended Cut DLC set to be released this summer.'s Cassidee Moser has the details.

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TekoIie2347d ago (Edited 2347d ago )

I will forgive Bioware depending on how good this extended cut is. It needs to show what happens right after the final battle and then i would like them to show us what happens to the galaxy based on our decisions.

Do the Krogans die out? Do the quarians and geth play nice? These questions need to be answered but not with a simple yes or no answer.

user54670072347d ago

The only way I can forgive Bioware is if they decide to continue where Shepard got hit by Harbingers laser...basicaly make it so they use the indoctrination theory because to me it's the only way out of the terriable plothole filled ending they gave us, hell it's the only way that would make sense of it all

neoandrew2347d ago

If Harbingers loses the indoctrination attempt (destroy option) he dies, cuz he revealed this mind trying to do this and has become vulnerable, the fight is really in shepard and harbinger mind together, if you choose destroy you win and harbinger is forced to destroy his kind, he no longer controls his actions.

Nimblest-Assassin2347d ago

But its my solution... its full proof... I facepalmed so hard at that logic and the 3 stupid choices...

I choose destroy, and then realized after... oh shit I just killed Edi and plunged the galaxy into a technological dark age

There are so many confusions with the ending, like when Anderson dies no matter what, people say if he is still alive the ending changes... but no matter what he dies...

I just want all of these plot holes explained

BattleAxe2346d ago

Even with the extended cut DLC, this game will be remembered for having one of the worst endings in gaming history. How Bioware could create such a rich and expansive universe with such a fantastic storyline, and then end the trilogy on such a poor note just doesn't make any sense.

SneeringImperialist2347d ago (Edited 2347d ago )

The DLC is going to have to be massive to satisfy everyone. They also need to add more harbinger! when i heard the reaper on Rannoch say "Harbinger speaks of you" and when i saw him land on earth i was expecting there to be some sort of menacing conversation with him at some point lol.

ChickeyCantor2347d ago (Edited 2347d ago )

"Do the Krogans die out? "

No...I saved them.

"Do the quarians and geth play nice? "
No, i mean yes the geth are helping the Quarians with the vital immume system....O wait


TekoIie2347d ago

What i mean is a short "movie" at the end of the game showing what happens (not to the characters) but with galactic relations between all the races.

For example, if you cured the genophage but killed Wrex on Virmire then i think its guaranteed that the krogan would start a war. On the other hand Wrex would keep the peace and i want to know how this ties into the story.

What if you sacrificed the quarians for the geth or vice versa (or made peace). Basically i want to know the overall outcome of ALL descisions collectively that could have affected the ME universe.

ChickeyCantor2346d ago

I know what you meant.
I guess I was just saying that they would need to make actual endings instead of a RGB barrel.
And they won't.

But the fact I've worked up to the point where the galaxy is in hands. Minus the reapers of course. And then you have to make a choice that completely nullifies your progress...

It just feels so...At this point I just don't think any good will come from it.

kent800820072347d ago (Edited 2347d ago )

Ha! You'll forgive them, like it actually matters to anyone

MrBeatdown2347d ago (Edited 2347d ago )

I'd rather not see how things with the Krogan and things like that play out. One of the things I always liked about the series was going into the next game to see how decisions played out long term. I'd rather see those kind of things saved, so we can see how the galaxy changes from game to game. I think they did a good enough job progressing and providing an element of closure to those particular aspects of the story as is.

Plus, with the quarians and geth, that's something affected by the ending. I think if Bioware were to be too clear on what happens when you choose a particular ending, it diminishes the weight of the choices at the end. Shepard is supposed to go in and make this decisions almost blindly. I think if Bioware were to be too clear on some things, the "right" choice would be too apparent, which to me, is especially important for a series that puts a lot of emphasis and trying to make the right call in situations where you don't have all the answers.

I would definitely like the events of the ending to be fleshed out more though... Where everyone was and what they did. I didn't find the ending bad. I liked the choices. I think they just need to address what may or may not be plotholes, and wrap it up better than they did.

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Dark112347d ago

Meh , I already finished the game and moved on ..

TheBlackSmoke2347d ago

Sure smells like entitlement up in here..

soundslike2347d ago

inb4 the circle jerk

"You don't get it!"

"Its not about this! Its about that!"

"but but but they pwomised!!"

kent800820072347d ago

"You shut up!"
"No you shut up!"
"They owe us!"
"...You shut up!"
"No you shut up!"

Story of the internet

Gamer-Z2347d ago (Edited 2347d ago )

I finished this game and traded it in a long time ago. There really wasn't any point in keeping it and playing it again with that horrid ending.

WitWolfy2346d ago

I love how everybody assumed we hated the ending thanks to (SPOILER) Shepard dying.... Where it was actually all about plot holes and those useless war assets which didnt help ANYTHING really...

Ripco_Keller2347d ago

You know what happens? In every ending? You wipe out all of civilization. How do I know this? Because in the last dlc for ME2 you blow up a mass relay in Batarian space, and it literally destroys the entire solar system it was stationed in. And at the end of ME3, every ending destroys every mass relay in the galaxy. So every solar system with a Mass Relay is obliterated, and surrounding solar systems in their star cluster are cut off from the rest of the galaxy, plunging everyone into an intergalactic dark age.

Pain_Killer2346d ago

A bit wrong here my friend!

The Mass Relay we hit in the Arrival DLC had its core destroyed by the asteroid collision which resulted in the loss of the Batarian controlled territory.

However, In ME3 the Relays are charged up with the crucible's energy fired from the citadel, Hence the relays dissipate that specific energy depending on your choice.

The star system isn't destroyed instead absorbed by the charged energy dissipated by the citadel. Your statement would only be correct if we had a low EMS where we saw the Earth getting vaporized by the charged beam, that would also apply for other systems. They would only get destroyed/vaporized in that case.

Hope this solves the misunderstanding of Destruction of relays for ME fans. :)

P_Bomb2346d ago

Technically he's no more wrong or right than you, Pain_Killer.

Unfortunately, nothing you just said was in the endings I saw, it's just fanfic honorably trying to do its best to fill in the gaping holes BioWare blew through an otherwise crazy enjoyable narrative. Like the Indoctrination Theory, a get out of jail free card they'll properly squander for more Matrix Revolutions.

I really, really want this DLC to succeed. As it stands, it's like they outsourced the last 20 minutes to Ubisoft, who also can't seem to wrap up a story proper to save their lives (various Splinter Cells, Assassin's Creeds, FarCry2, Prince of Persia '09). Bizarre.

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