Close Up: The Metal Gear Solid 4 Master Art Works Book

Every once in a while Metal Gear Solid’s concept art gets published in high quality art books. Aside from featuring beautiful art, these books can also give an insight into the production process of the games. Metal Gear Solid 4 received such a compilation as well, called ‘Metal Gear Solid 4 Master Art Works’, and was published by SoftBank Creative.

This near 200-page paperback contains artwork created for Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots, and was released in Japan in 2009

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DJLB21152133d ago

Im at beast w collectors editions so maybe I'll check for this, even if I can't read it lol

Nyxus2133d ago

Well, it's all about the illustrations anyway. ;)

HarryMasonHerpderp2133d ago

Did you get the limited edition HD collection
on zavvi? that's got an amazing art book with it!

Nyxus2133d ago

Yes, I've got that one as well, it's great!

DJLB21152132d ago

Yup. Sure do. Now that's how an art book is supposed to be done