140° down for maintenance: Anger over timing and associated services have been taken offline for maintenance from 12:00 GMT (4:00 PDT) today for an unspecified amount of time.

Rant: The lucky Americans have down time whilst they sleep, but the Europeans have downtime during the middle of their casual Sundays.

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Godmars2902284d ago

Are people just going to put up with this? Just deal - complain - about these outages as Blizzard "fixes" an issue they set in place? Let them fix it, then spend more money in the auction house when they offer stuff there?

Are we honestly *THAT* stupid?

Quickstrike2284d ago

what bugs me is why there isn't a larger movement against always online DRM. I mean sure it helps hinders piracy somewhat but they'll always find around that and still get the game for free.

Take this down time for example, players of Diablo III can't play it because the servers are down, but if players could *gasp* play offline in the single player campaign by themselves, this server downtime wouldn't matter.

DRM hurts the consumer more than it curves piracy, if anything DRM encourages piracy. Hopefully consumers get outraged enough to demand the always online DRM to be removed.

NeoTribe2284d ago

Its not about piracy. Why don't people get this. Its about keepin the hackers from fuckin everything up and ruining the wealth of various rare items. I played d2 for 4 years religiously and aol of a sudden dupes ran wild and destroyed the value of everything I worked my ass off for. My account was worth over 2k and than nothing. If it was about piracy starcraft 2 would be online only. If diablos economy and loot wernt taken seriously by so many people than it wouldn't be online only. How would u feel playing legit for years and years workin ur ass off for items worth tons of money and than one day those items are being thrown out for anyone to grab just to flood the game with fake godly loot. I quit playing after that and it sux. So I'm all down for this online only as long as it helps safeguard my hard work.

Quickstrike2284d ago


Ah, still if that's the reason for the always online DRM, then the simple solution is to have a character that you can't bring online that you can use offline and a character that you can only use online. That way people who bought the game can still play the game that they paid for while the online portion is unavailable.

Magic_Spatula2284d ago


That's pretty much what I said in another article. Have separate online and offline characters, and have only the online characters able to use the auction house.

Quickstrike2284d ago (Edited 2284d ago )


I see we think the same then :)

Still the important question to Blizzard is;


Seriously, I can't believe no one working there thought about the potential backlash that could happen if say they had to preform an emergency maintenance to the servers in a prime gaming time for most of their players or if another anonymous fiasco happened like with PSN last year but to their service.

Magic_Spatula2283d ago (Edited 2283d ago )


There were probably people who questioned the decision and/or even opposed it, but the higher ups have final say what goes into the game.

Though I've been one of those that have waited the 10+ years for the game, I still won't buy this game until the always on DRM crap is removed from the game and a change to the auction house has been made. $60 bucks for a game and you still want to charge me real money to buy stuff in-game? It isn't a F2P MMO y'know.

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fermcr2283d ago (Edited 2283d ago )

What surprises me is reviewers giving Diablo 3 9's and 10's. This game is unplayable. If it's playable it has lag. Not even if it was playable it deserves 9's and 10's. This game gets a free pass simply because it's a Blizzard and a Diablo game. If it was another game or another company reviewers would be hammering it. With all these problems, it's still more expensive then other PC titles and if you want certain items in game you have to pay for them.

fermcr2283d ago

"Are we honestly *THAT* stupid? "

Yes a lot of players are that stupid.

PirateThom2284d ago

What a disaster of a game launch, all because of always on DRM.

Sure was a great idea.

Quickstrike2284d ago

Agent Smith, your picture 100% describes the atrocity that DRM represents to the consumer.

svoulis2284d ago

Woo Finally a downtime that benefits me! I took off work 2 days to play this game, Day all know how that went in the US. Day 2...well same thing..Thanks Blizzard for making us need to always connect to your broke ass servers!

MWH2284d ago (Edited 2284d ago )

companies that uses DRM should be boycotted in my opinion. gamers should stand together against this and express with one voice that his bullshit must stop.

i for one, will do just that.. it's not easy but enough is enough.

Allowen2283d ago

The problem of this DRM is not just about being online to be able to play it but it is about having to download and upload lots of info every minute.

I don´t think with that DRM from D3 will permit myself from playing this game in a laptop using 3G connection on the go.

Other then that this DRM brings at least quite a few benefits like were already talked on posts above mine.
It is for sure less annoying then that DRM from Ubisoft on Assassin's Creed 2 ...

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