Why MMO? Traditional Edition Progression in MMORPG’s has come a long way since their incarnation on games like Neverwinter Nights, Ultima Online and even EverQuest. Developers will always find a way to get the player engaged in questing. A good example is the latest The Secret World, in which you have investigation missions where you actually have to look online to find hints towards your next objective, giving it a bit more of an adventure style. Bioware tried to get you engaged in a narrated experience where your decisions have an impact on the game, this game being Star Wars: The Old Republic of course. While the form of questing will stay, as in, kill so many monsters or collect that much of the given recipe, it’s safe to say that we’re finally stepping away from that element. They will still remain within the premise of MMORPG’s, but you will get a lot more mixed up quest rather than the same ‘Kill x boars’ quest over and over. Counting that the narrated experience that is coming with a l...

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