PlayStation Experience on Tour Now

+ Posted by Michael Steranka // Marketing Promotions Specialist, SCEA -

I’m excited to announce that the PlayStation Experience is back on tour for 2012 and we have some awesome games and experiences planned for you, our community. For those of you new to the PlayStation Experience, every year we tour the country’s biggest concerts and festivals to show off all of our latest games and gadgets. This is your chance to meet other local PlayStation enthusiasts, compete in your favorite PlayStation titles, and most importantly, get your hands on unreleased games! I guess there are also the live performances to check out too, but who goes to music festivals for that? Especially when you can play:

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Snookies122280d ago

Nooooo, SC isn't on the list! Curse this crappy state... -_-

Sharingan_no_Kakashi2280d ago

I'm assuming SC doesn't mean Soul Calibur.

Snookies122280d ago

Nah, Soul Calibur is too cool to be South Carolina lol.

Sharingan_no_Kakashi2280d ago


tbon3man2280d ago

Nothing in CA. are you serious. Come on SONY!

TheRealHeisenberg2279d ago

Please come to VA. We got mad love for you.

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