Japanese box art and new screens revealed for Resistance: Burning Skies

The Japanese box art, along with several new screenshots, have been revealed for the upcoming Playstation Vita exclusive first-person shooter, Resistance: Burning Skies.

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dc12320d ago

Fair enough. Cant wait to dive back into the Resistance franchise.
I hope the story stands up and that it gives us a glimpse into whats next.
In short.. The Universe that R2 created has incredible potential and R3 somewhat muffled it - I would love for the story to continue beyond R3.

(On the PS3, Sony Surround Sound or Sony headphones, large screen view, 2:00AM play thoughts .... wife has to make me go to bed -Good Times!)

Ultr2320d ago

R2 really had great story, r3 was good till the end... wow what shitty ending is that..way to screw up a trilogy insomniac!
Its just nothing, at least give us a comic or something or just a book...

Cant wait for Burning Skies!!!!!!!!

dc12320d ago

After the ending of R3 I sat and wondered if Insomniac gave us that ending knowing that they were going 'multi plat'; essentially pigeon holding Sony on any future Resistance continuations.

To you point:
"Cant wait for Burning Skies!!!!!!!!"

Ultr2319d ago

You played retribution? cuz its awesome, I could not finish it though,got stuck somewhere.. savegame deleted and dunno if I ever start again

dc12319d ago

Have not played Retribution - just the demo. Sold my PSP for the Vita.
On the strength of a fellow Resistance fan, I'll play it/take your world for if you mean it: Is it worth the digital purchase? is it 'Awesome'?

TheDivine2319d ago

Cant wait for this. Loved R3 alot i hope this takes some cues from that one. I really hope sony stops dicking around and adds retribution to the ps store again. Im dying to replay that with the 2 sticks. I got logans shadow but had to buy the stupid ass dual pack cause they removed the single game from psn but these psp games rock on vita. Hurry up may 29th!