What Makes The Elder Scrolls Online A Modern MMO

GameInformer writes: "With such long development cycles, it's difficult to create an MMO that feels modern. As the game director of The Elder Scrolls Online, Matt Firor wants to ensure that the game is heeding lessons from past MMOs. Working extensively in this one genre, Firor thinks that he has pinpointed several key downfalls of the genre and is looking to avoid them for ESO. Check out the video below to hear him talk about the evolution of MMOs, how to make a player feel like a stand-alone hero in an online game, and how he plans on handling criticism of the game."

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chidesd2250d ago

This guys is basically describing every MMO made in the last 10 years this guy/video is a joke

FlashXIII2250d ago

To be fair most MMOs made in the last 10 years or at least after WoW's success have been a joke. Sure there have been the odd good feature but to be honest the genre has gone from being one of the most potentially creative genres around into a generic theme park. SWTOR being a prime example.

FlashXIII2250d ago

Yeah guild wars 2 is getting really hyped up, haven't played it yet but I'm looking forward to see how it turns out. Planetside 2 is another potentially awesome game which could set a new standard for fps games if done right. The first was mind blowing but it wasn't easy to get into and lacked accessibility.

kevnb2250d ago

I thought swtor was fun, just didn't keep me addicted for more than a few months like some other mmos have.

Drake1172249d ago

For some reason i don't like this guy. When i watch these interviews it makes me want to punch him in the face, idk why.