Sony reveals new PlayStation Vita Bundles for Europe

Sony has announced two new official PlayStation Vita Bundles for Europe that contains a memory card and a game.

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Zefros2100d ago

Thats great! they need to do this everywhere.

Adityac2100d ago

They most probably will.

StanSmith2100d ago

Bingo! I've been saying for the past week that Sony should have included a 4GB memory card from the start.

This is a great deal. Uncharted + 4GB card + Wifi Vita for £229.99 = Win! Great bundle!

LiamIRL822100d ago (Edited 2100d ago )

A 4gb is not enough, if they upped it to a 16gb it would be fantastic and much more useful. 4gb is not gonna last pissing time

MasterCornholio2100d ago (Edited 2100d ago )

Uncharted= 50€
4GB Stick= 20 Euros
Vita= 180 euros

Total = 250€

Now that's an awesome bundle. I keep telling people that Sony would come out with a great bundle instead of a massive price drop. Looks like I was right now if only Sony did this from the very beginning.


Stop whining about the size. With this bundle Sony has provided what every Vita needs because without the 4GB stick you cant even save most Vita games. Jeez if you want to download Vita games just buy yourself a bit 32GB stick.

Edit: sorry liam now I see the reason why you are complaining so much. The copy of Uncharted is a digital one not physical so the 4GB stick will get filled up quickly. It should be 8GBs in size so that you can have room for Uncharted and some PSN titles, vita demos, videos, some music etc.


one2thr2100d ago (Edited 2100d ago )

Liam must of forgot that people can also buy Vita games in physical form lol

CommonSenseGamer2100d ago

Didn't take long. At least Sony are trying to remedy low Vita sales.

Kurisu2100d ago

And more sales will hopefully mean more support from developers. It's a win win!

cpayne932100d ago

That's awesome on uncharted, hope this comes to the U.S. but motorstorm r.c? I thought that was free already.

xAlmostPro2100d ago

It's only free in the US :P

Frenza2100d ago (Edited 2100d ago )

Dunno why people are disagreeing with you. Motorstorm:RC was never free in europe. At least in Denmark it never was, right now it is 44,95 Kr.(or 7,70 USD) as it always has been. The deal with it being free was SCEA only and therefore SCEE never gave it away for free.

xAlmostPro2100d ago

It's just how this website works.

Possible causes are fanboys/misinformed or even people who browse comments for the sheer sake of pressing the button :P

Nutsack2100d ago

Motorstorm RC was promoted by some car manufacturer or something for free in USA.

That deal wasn't made in EU indeed. But buying it either on PS3 gets you the PSVita version for free, or the other way around buy on Vita get PS3 version for free.

Hicken2100d ago

Scion, a Toyota sub-brand. I don't think they exist outside the US.

units2100d ago

All thats missing now is some decent games and a price cut

cpayne932100d ago

The Vita has "some decent games." What it needs are some amazing games, gems, system sellers. Can't wait to see more of gravity rush, that game looks amazing, and I'm interested in resistance and soul sacrifice too. By the time I get a Vita, there will be plenty of games to play.

KonaBro2100d ago

from your trolling is a comment praising Microsoft. This is good news for European fans and your trolling can't stop that.

Emmettcelticfan2100d ago

This sort of bundle has been replicated by retailers for quite some time. Amazon was recently offering the vita a 4GB card and a £15 game which included mortal kombat. For £195

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