5 Reasons To Be Excited For Dragon’s Dogma

GP: "No matter how little publicity or faith Capcom has in its own product, Dragon’s Dogma is definitely the game to look out for in a few days. After getting some hands on time with the demo, I can safely say that Dragon’s Dogma will be one of the best RPGs this year, assuming all things go well. Even though some of the game’s features are slightly rough around the edges, there are some key points to the title that borrow from some games but tweak just enough to call it its own."

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modesign2254d ago

this game is going to be leet

ALICE6662254d ago

This game is going to pawn. :)
4 days and counting.

DA_SHREDDER2254d ago

only reason why im not getting this day one is cause it doesn't support multiplayer

titans99992254d ago

I am excite4d for this game. I am glad there is no multiplayer, which is totally overrated!!! However, a little co-op would have been nice, like they do in Resident Evil or Mercenaries....

I really cant stand the fact that the elder scrolls series is having an MMO....i hate MMO' for the game, now pay a subscription, then purchase this sword, and this armor...bla bla bla.....yuck!

strangelove2254d ago

I really just hope you can punch dragons out of the sky. Buying it either way.