Mad Catz Ghost Recon Future Soldier Pro GamePad Review | Console Monster

Peripheral maker Mad Catz and Ubisoft have come together to bring us gamers a new accessory for the tactical shooter, Ghost Recon Future Soldier. In this review we will be putting the Ghost Recon Future Soldier Pro Gamepad for the Xbox 360 console through its paces. This controller features an array of performance-enhancing features including: PrecisionAim technology, quick-fire triggers and an exclusive Ghost Recon Future Soldier combat button layout.

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Ninjamonkey822318d ago

lol im sure ive got this ripoff boxed away somewhere with call of duty logos plastered all over it and the triggers don't bloody work ffs :D.

LAWSON722318d ago

Just bought the regular model of this a few days ago and it ain't bad but I do not like the dpad. I do like how it feels in the hand and led analogs