Enormous GTA V File Size On PC Goes Imminent After MP3 Reveal

Techtorial: Here's a possible scenario for the file size of Grand Theft Auto V when it gets released on PC, in comparison with Max Payne 3's four-disc requirement on computer.

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Errod882277d ago

I remember back in 2008 that GTAIV Was 16GB and that was BIG now MAX PAYNE 3 Is 35GB and I was like O_o

Shaman2277d ago

Max Payne 3 AFAIK has stored cutscenes on disk, GTAV won't have those since that would take considerably more than 35gigs and wouldn't make much sense since you don't have to get into action seamlessly like in MP3.

soundslike2276d ago

Exactly. We don't "know" GTAV will require space just because a non open world game requires 35 gigs.

Lior2277d ago

Uncharted 3 weighs in at around 45GB

Errod882277d ago

F*CK Excuse my french lol.

Pandamobile2277d ago

Yeah, but that's mainly due to the pre-rendered cut scenes (2D and 3D). The Uncharted 3 game itself only weighs like 10-12 GB I think I heard.

TheBigShamona2277d ago

Idk why you get disagrees when naughty dog said it themselves, even GG said kz3 was over 35 gigs on the disk

BattleAxe2277d ago

Basically what Panda is saying is that some of those 35 GB are fake ones.....and so only 10 - 12 GB count as being real :/

Pandamobile2277d ago

Erm, what? Can you not read?

I_am_Batman2276d ago

Yes but there's some duplicated code on the disc to make it faster. A lot of PS3 games use duplicated code.

BlackKnight2276d ago (Edited 2276d ago )

As for Uncharted 3 content.

"3.24GB of behind-the-scenes movies, 7GB of foreign language audio, and 10GB of 3D movies (pre-rendered cut-scenes are stored both in 2D and 3D versions) but by our reckoning there's at least 16GB of core game data being used in this game."

So about 16GB actually. Less if any padding is done to improve seek times on disc (which would makes sense because UC3 does no installs).

ChrisW2276d ago (Edited 2276d ago )

I think the words you're looking for is "redundant coding" to help PS3 games load faster.

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GraveLord2277d ago

I wonder why Blu-Ray hasn't become standard with PC gaming? They can't seriously think they can get by on DVDs much longer......

Pandamobile2277d ago

Bluray drives aren't that common yet. And 99% of new releases are still ~8-12 GB.

Everything gets installed to a harddrive anyway, so it's no problem having 2 or even 3 disks for a game because you only need to use them to install the game.

I still install Half-Life 2 from a set of 5 CDs.

Frenza2277d ago

Since most PC games are also digital the size is not a problem (GamersGate, GOG, Steam).

hiredhelp2276d ago (Edited 2276d ago )

I wonder why Blu-Ray hasn't become standard with PC gaming? They can't seriously think they can get by on DVDs much longer......

Well yes actually majority of most retail games now use steam witch forces you to download for example STEAM CLIENT, meaning dvd isnt needed of course even if we install game via the disc we wouldnt need the disc to play these days.
Once your game registerd via Steam,Origin,GFWL, You can log in redownload your game from there servers, much like how PSN works.
only we have endless amount uses per 1 account holder example psn has 3 licesnses we have 1 account that can be used by any 1 pc at any 1 time as many times as you like.
The world of gaming is becomming hugly closer to digital downloads only to consoles maybe not next gen but soon as PC nearly there already.
Personally i like physical hard copy's but as a pc gamer too its good to know a server has your back incase you loose your game.

Ravenor2276d ago

Gravelord: He knows nothing, but dammit....he's going to say SOMETHING at the very least.

"Get by on DVD's much longer", the stupidity. I can feel it emanating off you from here.

multipayer2276d ago

All the huge games besides RAGE are 60% video files, having video files really shouldn't be a driving force into the future for PC architecture. If the scenes were done in engine they could scale to modern hardware with ultra wide displays etc, the video files will always be the same...

cee7732276d ago (Edited 2276d ago )

blu ray cost more than dvd and anything that is blu ray sony receives royalties the big picture is sony battled and won a format war lost billions to set themselves up in the end imo which is cool with blu ray I believe it to be the last successful disc format the things are literally indestructible 20+ ps3 games and not a scratch

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Patriots_Pride2276d ago (Edited 2276d ago )

Nice....getting a very SAN ANDRES vibes from this screen.

Hopefully we can relive the big foot mystery again and have some sighting of him.

YodaCracker2276d ago

The whole Rockstar bigfoot mystery was sort of put to rest in RDR: Undead Nightmare with the Sasquatches, and the achievement you receive for killing all of them; "Six Years in the Making" (6 years since GTA: San Andreas' release).

ATi_Elite2276d ago

35Gb HDD space is nothing!

Telling me it's gonna come on 4 DVD is an issue!!

Compress that sh!t down to two DVD's then let me blow it up on my HDD!!

anyway I'm 100% positive somebody is gonna compress the hell outta MP3 and put it on the net!

then again why am I so concerned when I don't plan on buying MP3 anyway when I'm too busy playing Tera and Day Z!!

humbleopinion2276d ago

They will have to use lossy compression, and therefore lose on the quality of the files. 35GB is not an issue to download nowadays anyway, especially from quality servers like the ones most digital distribution services are running.

Honest_gamer2276d ago

it's an issue when in the UK ALL note ALL broadband providers cap ur download at 100GB a month, my contract says unlimited downlaods, but in the small print it says 100GB then anything after that the speed gets reduced and keeps reducing until loading up a youtube video becomes a hassle the reason why is below
"You probably share your broadband connection with around 49 other people because most home broadband connections have a contention ratio of 50:1.
So the problem is that if you’re a big downloader, you could be slowing down the broadband connection of up to 49 other people. And if you are regularly affecting other people’s internet, your ISP might decide that something needs to be done."

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lzim2277d ago

so should we all.. but by now even MS should have developed a blue laser disk for distributing software based on bluray (for PC and XB3).

cannon88002277d ago (Edited 2277d ago )

@ imt558 those 10 people that disagreed with your comment are either: 360 fan, they're just jelly that they don't have a ps3, or they're just downright narcissistic to the max.

_Aarix_2276d ago

Take a good look at gears of war 3 and halo 4 buddy, they are all on one disc and they give uncharted a run for its money at less than 8 gigs. AND SKYRIM WAS ONLY 4 GIGS and had 6x the content uncharted had. accusation of "jelly" 360 owners is down right ignorant and I should slap you. Blu-ray was not needed that much this gen. Theres no game that couldnt manage with dvd's. Oh, and I have a ps3, I have all the proof you want.

BitbyDeath2276d ago


All games could work on 3.5" floppy disks too if coded for them.

Yet here we are with better technology.

StanSmith2276d ago


MGS4 needed blu-ray. It's the only reason why Kojima won't allow it on 360.

Max Payne 3 and LA Noire needed blu-ray. Hell, even MS's own exclusive racer Forza 3 & 4 needed blu ray. Basically, if it is multi-disc on 360, it needed blu-ray. End of.

cannon88002276d ago

LOL @ Aarix

I'm not ignorant one bit. It just boggles my mind that people would click the disagree button for a person stating that they love bluray. Not only does it make no sense to click the disagree button on something that is a fact (he loves bluray), it's just downright dumb. If you guys don't understand what I'm trying to write here, let me give you a better example. Lets say that I wrote "If somebody slits my throat and there's nobody to help me, I'll eventually die because I will bleed to death." and some jackass clicks disagree, it just makes you retarded because that person obviously thinks that they're some sort of superhuman or something. Bottom line is this.. there are some things that can't be disagreed because it just wouldn't make sense.

PS. good luck slapping me and living after that. Just so you know I'm an extremely fast sprinter so you most likely won't be able to flee from me. I also was the strongest pound for pound male in my entire high school. Good luck buddy. good luck.

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Dovahkiin2277d ago

No problemo, although I think I'll buy the retail version, downloading that would take days.

TheModernKamikaze2277d ago

That's very big for a story game, let alone multiplayer.

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