The Importance of Music in Gaming

Most people recognizes how good a game looks. Most can recognize when a game plays well and has an enjoyable story. One aspect of gaming that seems to get unnoticed however, is the music. Music is a huge part of any successful game environment and sometimes it doesn’t get the attention it rightfully deserves. Being a musician and a gamer, I understand that music is a vital part of what makes a game good. Music is more than just a filler to add noise so the game isn’t bland; it is a connection of everything the game is trying to convey.

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Y_51502255d ago

That gets unnoticed?I always love and enjoy music in video games. especially from Nintendo classics like Mario, Pokemon, and the best of all KIRBY!

dark-hollow2254d ago

Nintendo and squaresoft games had the best soundtracks in the industry Imo.

Venox20082255d ago

Okami's music is one of the best I've heard in video games..Mario's music is great, Metroid, Zelda, Metal gear & Silent Hill series.. music is very, very important thing in games..

TheXtremePulse2254d ago

it really is. There are several times when I am listening to music that I choose to listen to gaming music because it is so good.

Chrono Trigger is easily the best gaming music I have ever heard. Pure genius

Hicken2254d ago

I once bought a game for a system I didn't own purely because of the soundtrack. And some of my favorite music of all time is from the soundtracks of various games(I'm looking at YOU, Symphony of the Night).

I think people tend to overlook it more now than in the past because there's so much stuff to LOOK at; it's all about the graphics, now. But I'm a musician ALMOST as much as I am a writer, so the music must be good, as well.

ShaunCameron2254d ago

It's seeming to be a lost art in today's industry. Some of my favorite video game music came from Capcom circa the late 1980's early 1990's with the classic and the X Megaman games and Street Fighter II (Guile's theme is one of my all-time favorites).

TheXtremePulse2254d ago

ah yes Mega man. Those games had some great music